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ʿAqīdah Course: Exemplary Principles Concerning the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allāh

   Abū al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

Al-Qawāʾid al-Muthlá (Exemplary Principles Concerning the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allāh) is an exceptional book on the subject of ʿaqīdah authored by one of the greatest scholars of today, al-Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Ṣāliḥ al-ʿUthaymīn. A simple, but well-founded and informative text, these lectures will provide any person with the correct understanding and application of Allāh's Names and Attributes. What are the beliefs of Ahl al-Sunnah with respect to these Names and Attributes? Can we call Allāh with what we like as we like? What are the angles of refutation for those who distort the texts, negate them completely, or liken them to the creation? Have a listen and become well equipped.


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Download Transciption (183 Pages) [note: not reviewed by instructor]   
Archived LessonsSize
Classes 01-16 Download (.zip) 704 MB 704 MB 

Individual LessonsLength
MR6.1 Introduction to Book and A Brief Discussion On The Three Categories of
067 Min
Class 01 Listen/Download  
MR36.2 The First Principle: All of Allāh's Names Are Beautiful
The Second Principle: They Are Both Titles and Descriptions
051 Min
Class 02 Listen/Download  
MR36.3 The Third Principle: They May or May Not Include A Related Ruling and
The Fifth Principle: The Names of Allāh Are Tawqeefiyyah
055 Min
Class 03 Listen/Download  
MR36.4 The Sixth Principle: They Are Not Limited To A Set Number
The Seventh Principle: The Kinds of Deviation From the Correct Belief
057 Min
Class 04 Listen/Download  
MR36.5 The First Principle Concerning Allāh's Attributes: They Are All Attributes
of Perfection
071 Min
Class 05 Listen/Download  
MR36.6 The Second Principle: Knowledge of Allāh's Attributes Is More
Expansive Than Knowledge of His Names
The Third Principle: Allāh's Attributes May Be Divided Into Two Kinds
046 Min
Class 06 Listen/Download  
MR36.7 The Fourth Principle: Points of Wisdom Behind the Negation of Certain
The Fifth Principle: Allāh's Attributes Can Be Divided Into Two Kinds:
Continuous Attributes and Chosen Actions
047 Min
Class 07 Listen/Download  
MR36.8 The Sixth Principle: The Dangers of Tamthīl and Takyīf 056 Min
Class 08 Listen/Download  
MR36.9 The Proofs that Establish the Names and Attributes Are Exclusively
Found in the Book and the Sunnah
072 Min
Class 09 Listen/Download  
MR36.10 Keeping To the Apparent Meanings of the Texts
 The Apparent Meaning of the Texts Is Relative to the Prophet Context
104 Min
Class 10 Listen/Download   
MR36.11 Clarifying Misconceptions: Four Examples 055 Min
Class 11 Listen/Download  
MR36.12 Clarifying Misconceptions Regarding Allāh's al-Maʿiyyah 059 Min
Class 12 Listen/Download  
MR36.13 Clarifying Misconceptions: The Closeness of Allāh or the Angels? 070 Min
Class 13 Listen/Download  
MR36.14 Clarifying Misconceptions: Three More Examples 063 Min
Class 14 Listen/Download  
MR36.15 A Refutation of the Ashʾarīs 079 Min
Class 15 Listen/Download  
MR36.16 Class Review 059 Min
Class 16 Listen/Download  


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