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Benefit: Deviation of the Shīʿah in Tawḥīd al-ʿUlūhīyyah

In the Name of Allāh, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

Often the Shīʿah, in discussions with Muslims like to glaze over the hard facts that expose the shirk (polytheism), ghulū (extremism) and infatuation in their beliefs. Historically, Muslims, due to their for love for Tawḥīd and love for the Sunnah, would not tolerate them. However, with movements such as the ikhwān al-muslimīn and other politically motivated groups reaching out to them and blurring the difference between the sunnī and the Shīʿī, Muslims today often view them as our long lost cousins in Islām. Certainly not! Here is a small quote from their own books, that they cherish and reference: From that which they narrated as well in clarification of this principle according to them, is this narration: “Allāh has erected ʿAlī as a sign between Him and His creation. So whoever acknowledges it then he is a believer, while whoever rejects it then he is a disbeliever and due to his ignorance, he is astray. Whoever erects something along with him is a polytheist while whoever holds to his Wilāyah will enter Paradise.”1
1) Uṣūl al-Kāfī 1/437 Translated by Raha Batts
For further study on the deviation of the Shīʿah in aspects of tawḥīd see:

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