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Benefit: Ramaḍān - The Ruling on Having Saḥūr (The Predawn Meal)

In the Name of Allāh, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

Faṭwá Series for Ramaḍān 2016 - featuring selected faṭāwá by Shaykh Aḥmad ibn Yaḥyá al-Najmī (رحمه الله).

Faṭwá #2

 [Q]: Is it incumbent upon the fasting person to have the predawn meal [i.e. saḥūr]?

[A]: No, it is not incumbent [upon him to have the saḥūr], but it is recommended [to do so] since the body is strengthened by it.

Shaykh Aḥmad ibn Yaḥyá al-Najmī (رحمه الله).

Source: Fatāwá al-Ṣiyām pg. 21.
Translated by: Musa Shaleem Mohammed

Tags: Ramaḍān, Fatāwá, Ṣiyām, Aḥmad al-Najmī

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