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Destroying the false understanding of tawḥīd and asmaa was-sifaat (the names and  attributes of Allaah) at the hands of ashariyyah.

The Devil's Deception of Nūh Hā Mīm Kelle

  Abū ʿIyāḍ Amjad ibn Muḥammad Rafīq A decisive, foundation filled refutation of the hallmarks of the Ashʿariyyah, and specifically a reply to the recycled doubts of Nūh Hā Mīm Keller. Listen/Download ...

Preserving the Uṣūl

... ʿʿʿanhumā).  They rapidly deteriorated in ʿaqīdah, morals and Religion – until the present day – where their beliefs are those represented by the Ithnā ’Ashariyyah Shīʿah of ’Iraan.  From their false beliefs ...

RT @SunnahPubs: Al-Allamah Muqbil al-Wadi'i said, "Read the biographies of our Salaf al-Salih so you can see how they abstained from the p…

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