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An Introduction to Tawḥīd and Its Divisions

... His Attributes and His Actions and His Names, and what He spoke in His Books, and what He spoke to whomever He wished from amongst His servants. It is also the affirmation of the comprehensiveness of His ...

The Two Testimonies and the Purpose of Life

  Abū ʿUways ʿAbdullāh Aḥmad ʿAlī An explanation of the shaḥādatayn and a directive towards fulfilling the purpose of creation. Listen/Download | 25 mins.  

Allāh Is Greater

    The need for the heart to be pure and clean is the only way to good deeds and success whereas the corruption of the heart leads to sin and the hellfire.      I have been given permission ...

Tawḥīd - Oneness of Allāh

    Explaining the message of all of the Prophets and Messengers in a lucid, point by point form, this article originates from a simple pamphlet, prepared and distributed by 'The Reign of Islamic Daʿwah' ...

The Tawḥīd of the Prophets and Messengers

... pursuer and the pursued.” [Sūrah al-Ḥajj 22:73] “...those whom...” This is a comprehensive term covering everything that is called upon besides Allāh from trees, rocks, human beings, kings and other ...

RT @SunnahPubs: Al-Allamah Muqbil al-Wadi'i said, "Read the biographies of our Salaf al-Salih so you can see how they abstained from the p…

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