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Aqīdah: Kitaab at-Tawḥīd: ch.7-13

... matter (name your matter) is good for me both at present and in the future, (or in my religion), in my this life and in the Hereafter, then fulfill it for me and make it easy for me, and then bestow ...

Exclusive Look at the 2007 'Aqīdah Cour

... events that will happen before the Hereafter 5. The "Great Intercession" (ash-shafaa-ah al-kubraa), also called "the Praiseworthy Station" (al-maqaam al-mahmood) is [o] a reference ...

RT @SunnahPubs: Al-Allamah Muqbil al-Wadi'i said, "Read the biographies of our Salaf al-Salih so you can see how they abstained from the p…

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