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Re:What do the Scholars say about Anwar

... that would free the heart of the Islamic world from the tyrants who are deceiving the ummah and standing between us and victory."In the article:The Army of Yemen Confronts the Mujahideen Ibn Taymiyyah ...

searching refutations

Assalamu 'Alaykum, I need some articles in response to the articles posted by ASFA forum and GF haddad against salafis like this: http://www.troid.ca/manhaj/in-defence-of-the-ulamāʾ/asfa-lies-on-shaykhul-islaam-ibn-taymiyyah.html ...

Re:Shaykh Rabee' on Usaamah al-Qoosee

...  the very same as Ar'oors (we correct but do not make jarh) [and this was refuted by Shaykh Ibn Uthaymīn in one of his cassettes]. 9. He actually goes beyond Ar'oor in making wide claims, in the way h ...

The Nawaafil Ṣalāh

...  for a particular reason and in one narration this is also attributed to Imam Ahmed. Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, and Abdur Rahmaan as-Sa’di took the latter position. And Allaah knows best. ...

@Thamur27 Wa alaykas salām. The course will take place in-person at Māsjid Al-Furqān, in shā Allāh.

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