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Re:Caribbean Food & Da'wah Drive

Current Total: $3230 51% (29.09.08) Over $2000 raised during last 6 days of Ramadaan!!! Allaahu Akbar ...

Re:Caribbean Food & Da'wah Drive

Over $1000 raised in 10 days (17% of the total needed). Jazaakumullaahu khair Please listen to the following reminders about giving in the month of Ramadaan: Reflections on Worship (Ramadaan) www.salafiaudio.com/audio/SA160_1B.mp3  ...

RT @abu_sufyaan: Benefit from today’s Adab al-Mufrad lesson @troidorg Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: “Your Lord, the Blessed and Most High, is…

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