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Selections from: My Advice to the Women

  Abū ʿAbdullāh Ḥasan al-Ṣumālī

Selections from the first series of lessons based on the book, "My Advice to the Women." The series was started in 2003. It was broadcast on PalTalk and locally at The Reign of Islamic Daʿwah Centre (a daʿwah office at the time) in Toronto, Canada. 20 or 30 brothers (some travelling distances) would sit in a small room and into the hallways of the office complex, straining to listen to the audio over the computer speakers. The series was very popular and reproduced by the author (Ḥasan al-Ṣumālī) at later dates in the USA.

Seminar: Foundations of the Sunnah

201804 foundationsofthesunnah

Seminar: Foundations of the Sunnah

Confirmed Speaker:

ʿAbdu-Ilāh Laḥmāmī

Date: Fri. Apr. 13th - Fri. Apr. 20th, 2018

Location: Masjid al-Furqān (TROID) 874-A Weston Rd. Toronto, Canada

Steps in Cultivating Children and Family upon the Sunnah

  Abū Khadījah ʿAbd al-Wāḥid

Our brother, Abū Khadījah ʿAbd al-Wāḥid, relays the importance of the Sunnah. He gives a beautiful, attentive, emotional and warm-hearted advice in regards to marriage, children etc. A must-listen lecture, ponder over the advice he gives us with the aḍillah (evidence) from the Qurʾān, Sunnah and Salaf. Reflect upon this: pious men are for pious women! Wicked men are for wicked women! No matter what your outer appearance is, or how pious you look, who you are on the inside will eventually reflect on the outside! A must, must, MUST listen; you cannot miss out on this beneficial talk!

The Evils and Harms of Masturbation

  Shaykh Muqbil ibn Hādī al-Wādiʿī

An extremely beneficial explanation on the harms of masturbation. Many proofs from the Qurʿān and Aḥādīth are brought forth to show that this disease is not natural or permissible. Notes on the mental and physical detriment are mentioned along with the cure.

The Rights of the Husband

  Rashīd Barbee

A discussion on nine rights of a husband over his wife. From the seminar, The Rights of the Spouses (September 2013), Toronto, Canada.

The Rights of the Wife

  Rashīd Barbee

A discussion on 12 rights of a wife over her husband. From the seminar, The Rights of the Spouses (September 2013), Toronto, Canada.

The Story of Umm Sulaym

  Rashīd Barbee

The touching story of Umm Sulaym. From the seminar, The Rights of the Spouses (September 2013), Toronto, Canada.

What Does the Command '...Refuse to Share Their Beds' (al-Nisāʾ 4:34) Mean?

In the Name of Allāh, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

[Q]: One of the brothers who lives in Riyadh says, “It is well known that boycotting one's Muslim brother for more than three days is impermissible. Hence, what is the ruling regarding what occurs between the husband and his wife as far as boycotting is concerned whether or not he intends to discipline her or otherwise?” 

[A]: The husband boycotting his wife is legislated for specified circumstances, and that is when he fears her disobedience (nushooz). Thus is that case he admonishes her and if that does not work then he boycotts her in the bed. This does not mean that he sleeps in another bed other than the one they both sleep in, rather what is meant is that whenever he sleep in his bed, he should turn his back towards her. Hence, he sleeps with his back towards her as an indication of his anger towards her and his reprimanding of her. However, he should not boycott her as far as speaking is concerned. Thus, the children should not get a sense of cold-heartedness or a lack of communication between their father and their mother. That should only occur in the bed with the intent of rectifying her incorrect behaviour. However, that does not mean that if the wife does not respond to the request of the husband from the things that are not obligatory on her he boycotts her. Because sometimes the shortcoming stems from the husband himself when he wants his wife to do things she is either incapable of doing, or is very difficult for her, or it is an act that impermissible to do. If she does not do these things he boycotts her. No. Boycotting is only legislated if he sees nushooz, disobedience from her, or an act that is clearly incorrect. As for making that a weapon that he uses to get at her or humiliate her, then this is impermissible. Some people understand the issue of boycotting – even in bed – with an incorrect understanding.

Shaykh ʿAbdullāh ar-Rukbaan - A member of the permanent committee of senior scholars: Nūr 'Ala Darb: (06/25/1430) 
Translated by Ibn Zayd

You Will Never Be Able To Do Perfect Justice Between Wives Even If It Is Your Ardent Desire

  Abū al-Ḥasan Mālik Ādam al-Akhdar

A detailed explanation compiling various tafāsīr from the mufassirūn of the Salaf. The article explains Sūrah al-Nisāʾ, verse 129, “You will never be able to [perfectly] deal justly between wives even if it is your ardent desire, so do not incline too much to one of them so as to leave the other hanging. And if you do justice, and do all that is right and fear Allāh by keeping away from all that is wrong, then Allāh is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

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