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Ḥadīth Sciences Course: The Types of Ḥadīth

  Abū al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

From the 2007 Summer Courses, here are 10 interactive lectures that focus on the sciences of Ḥadīththe second source of our Legislation in IslāmEach lesson is filled with benefits explained in an effortless manner and translated to fine English. Little essence of the actual science is lost, thus rendering the lessons indispensable to both the beginner and advanced student.

How to Stop the Fundraisers and Donation Pleas?

  Abu al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

A discussion on fundraisers and requests for donations. The harshness of those who attack Islamic centres who seek assistance due to important needs, and the optimal situation in which open pleas for money can be avoided. Abū al-ʿAbbās provides some solutions on how community members can avoid this practise, keeping the outlets of Islām free of constant calls for financial support.

Laying Down Important Foundations Concerning Purification and Worship in Islām


“Say: Verily my Prayer, and my Sacrifice, and my living and my dying are for Allāh, Lord of the Worlds, having no associate. This is what I was commanded with, and I am the first of the Muslims” [Sūrah al-Anʿām, 6:162-163]. A comprehensive guide to purification and prayer for both men and women, young and old – who have entered into the fold of Islām.

Lecture Series and Summer Courses Preview

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Lecture Series and Summer Courses Preview

Confirmed Speaker:

Abū al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

Date: Fri. Mar. 2nd - Sun. Mar. 4th, 2018

Location: Masjid al-Furqān (TROID) 874-A Weston Rd. Toronto, Canada

Politics, Western Democracy, Yasir Qadhi, and Tony Blair

  Abū al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

An analysis of the politicisation of Yasir Qadhi over the years, culminating with his full-circle Ikhwānī principles. From the most important deviations being his reclassification of politics outside the realm of the Qurʾān and Sunnah, his open cooperation with the Shīʿah, and his adaptation of deceitful rhetoric (magical speech) at the hands of famous politicians such as Tony Blair.

Rulings Regarding the Children of the Mushrikīn Who Die Young

  Abū al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

An interesting study on the various positions regarding a child from the children of the mushrikīn who dies. Is he/she in the hellfire permanently? Will he/she be tested? Will he/she be in the Paradise? During this 2003 lecture from the Toronto seminar entitled, "There Is Nothing Stranger Than the Sunnah," Mūsá Richardson discusses the proofs and evidence surrounding this intricate issue.

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