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Benefit: Ibn ʿAbbās Subdued Innovation

In the Name of Allāh, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

On the authority of ʿIkrimah [d. 104 AH]1: "Ibn ʿAbbās [d. AH 68], said: 'By Allāh, I don't think there is anyone on the face of the earth whom Shayṭān would love to see destroyed more than me.' So someone said: 'What do you mean by this statement?' So Ibn ʿAbbās said: 'By Allāh, there isn't an innovation that occurs in the East or the West, then a man conveys it to me - so when it comes to my attention, I subdue it (i.e. that innovation) with the Sunnah, so it (i.e. that innovation) is returned back to [and confined to its originator].'"2 May Allāh make us from those who are given the knowledge and the ability to defend Allāh's religion by subduing innovation and false principles.1
1) TN: ʿAbdullāh Ibn ʿAbbās [d. 68 AH] was the cousin of the Messenger of Allāh, prayers and peace upon him. The Messenger of Allāh, prayers and peace upon him, supplicated for him that he be given understanding of the Qurʾān. As a result, Ibn ʿAbbās became known to the Muslim Nation as "The Explainer of the Qurʾān."
2) ʿIkrimah Abū ʿAbd allah [d. 104 AH] was a scholar of Tafsīr and the freed slave of Ibn ʿAbbās. [al-Taqreeb: pg. 687/#4707]
3) Aḥmad Bazmūl, Endnotes on Shaykh ʿUbayd's Refutation of 'Ali Ḥasan al-Ḥalabī's New, [False] Principles, pp. 5-6 Translated by Abū Ādam Jamīl Finch

Benefit: Increase in Your Love of Allāh

In the Name of Allāh, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

We have been ordered in the Book and the Sunnah to follow the way of the Companions, may Allāh be pleased with them. From the greatest attributes of the Companions was the softness of their hearts and the tremendous love of Allāh, subḥānahu wa ta'aala. How many narrations mention the weeping of the Companions after hearing verses from the Book of Allāh? Where are we in this regard? Listen to this strong admonition from Abū Khadījah and take heed of this important aspect of the religion. May Allāh increase you in guidance.


Seminar: Explanation of the Ḥadīth of Kaʿb ibn Mālik

  Abū Muḥammad al-Maghribī

Our noble brother Abū Muḥammad al-Maghribī delivers a series of lectures from the 2009 Toronto seminar,  From the Gems of the Sunnah: Benefits from the Story of Kaʿb ibn Mālik, explaining the great ḥadīth of Kaʿb ibn Mālik and his patience, compliance and obedience of the orders of the Messenger of Allāh (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhī wa-sallam). This ḥadīth is one which makes the heart melt, and the eyes shed tears.

The Excellence of Abū Bakr al-Ṣiddīq

  al-ʿAllāmah Muḥammad al-Subayyal

An overview of the life of the noble companion, Abū Bakr al-Ṣiddīq (raḍi Allāhu ʿanhu). The first man to accept Muḥammad as the Messenger of Allāh (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhī wa-sallam) and the khalīfah of the ummah after his (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhī wa-sallam) death. A few brief questions follow expounding upon the status of Abū Bakr al-Ṣiddīq.

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