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Q&A with Shaykh ʿUbayd al-Jābirī (Masjid al-Raḥmah, USA)

  Shaykh ʿUbayd al-Jābirī

Question and answer session with Shaykh ʿUbayd al-Jābirī, conducted 2004/02/14 and coinciding with a series of talks from a seminar at Masjd al-Raḥmah, Newark, USA. (Translated by Ḥasan Ṣumālī and Abū ʿUways (raḥimahullāh).

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The questions are as follows:

[Q1] Dear Shaykh, we are a small group of Salafī brothers in the United States. We used to belong to one masjid and there occurred amongst us a fitnah when a split between the admin, the people, and the imām, who was with the common people, occurred. Some of the common people thought that this occurred because (1) the admin was too harsh (2) they were squandering the money (3) they were acting as if they were the leaders of the Muslim lands (4) they were not being truthful. The admin has a problem with the people and felt that some of the people were seeking leadership and trying to overthrow them. As a result, the masjid was split and another masjid was formed about 25-30 mins away by car. Enmity and hatred appeared between the two sides with name calling and boycotting etc. What do we do now O Shaykh? Should we peacefully coexist in two separate masjids, co-operatively spreading the daʿwah; should we go back to the old masjid with the old admin or should we go back with a new admin? And if go back with a new admin, how do we go about establishing one?

[Q2] We affirm that we abandon the people of innovation, but how do we deliver al-daʿwah al-salafiyyah to them?

[Q3] Is it permissible for a Salafī to pray in a masjid that is not Salafī if he lives close to that masjid and there isn't any Salafī masjid in his vicinity?

[Q4] Should I use a specific hand when I wash my feet when making wuḍūʾ?

[Q5] A man divorces his wife with the third divorce. Then he goes to the Imām or student of knowledge saying that he is doubtful of his first divorce because he was angry or the woman was on her menses. What do we do in this case?  

[Q6] Is it permissible for women to collect child support from their children's fathers?

[Q7] If the innovators come to one of the Salafī student of knowledge and invite him to give classes in their masjid without any conditions, i.e he can teach from any book he wants on any topic he wants. Is it permissible to oblige them?

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