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Fiqh Course: Marriage and Divorce (الملخص الفقهي)

  Abū al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

A fiqh course studying marriage and divorce (الملخص الفقهي). This course took place between July 9th-July 18th, 2018 at Masjid al-Furqān (TROID), Toronto, Canada.


Lesson Resources   
Islamic Summer Courses 1439 Workbook: Fiqh of Marriage & Essentials of Islamic Theology: Volume 1 (Summer Course Study Guides) - US | UK | CA | DE | AU      
Archived LessonsSize  
Lesson 01-10 (.zip) 797MB    

Individual LessonsLengthTranscriptsSlides
Lesson 01: The Benefits of Marriage, Its Ruling, and Choosing a Spouse      
Lesson 01 Listen/Download 56 Min   --------
Lesson 02: The Pillars and Conditions of a Valid Marriage Contract and the Order of Wilāyah (Custodianship)      
Lesson 02 Listen/Download 66 Min   --------
Lesson 03: People You are Not Allowed to Marry, Contract Stipulations      
Lesson 03 Listen/Download 51 Min   --------
Lesson 04: Discovered Contractual Defects, Contractual Stipulations, and the Walīmah (Wedding Feast)      
Lesson 04 Listen/Download 62 Min   --------
Lesson 05: Spouses Living Together in Kindness and Resolving Problems      
Lesson 05 Listen/Download 71 Min   --------
Lesson 06: Rulings of Khulʿ (Annulment) and Divorce      
Lesson 06 Listen/Download 73 Min   --------
Lesson 07: Revoking Divorce, and the Īlāʾ and Ṭhihār Crimes      
Lesson 07 Listen/Download 73 Min   --------
Lesson 08: The Liʿān Case, ʿIddah (Waiting Period), and Wetnurses      
Lesson 08 Listen/Download 78 Min   --------
Lesson 09: Wet-Nurse Relationships and Issues of Custody      
Lesson 09 Listen/Download 76 Min   --------
Lesson 10: More on Custody and Financial Responsibilities      
Lesson 10 Listen/Download 68 Min   --------

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