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Workshop: ḤadĪth Sciences

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Workshop: ḤadĪth Sciences Weekend Workshop
- A Hands-On Study of the Bayqūniyyah Poem -

Confirmed Speaker:

Abū al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson
- Lecturer and Teacher from the USA, graduate from Umm al-Qurá University, Makkah

Date: Fri. Feb. 17th - Sun. Feb. 19th, 2017
Location: Masjid al-Furqān (TROID) 874-A Weston Rd

Assignments and Supplemental Projects Based on Three Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

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1230: Khuṭbah al-Jumuʿah
1500: Telelink: TBD
1800: Workshop Session 01: Intro to poem and first 6 lines
1930: Workshop Session 02: Lines 7 to 12


1230: Workshop Session 03: Review homework, lines 13-17
1800: Workshop Session 04: Review projects, lines 18-20
1930: Workshop Session 05: Lines 21-27

1230: Workshop Session 06: Review homework, lines 28-34
1500: Workshop Session 07: Review entire poem, homework, projects

Classification of students:

Beginner: Cannot read Arabic, or has not reviewed the 2007 course or studied Mustalah.

Intermediate: Limited Arabic skills, has reviewed the 2007 course or studied Mustalah previously.

Advanced: Fluent or good working Arabic skills, knows basic ḥadīth terms, knows some ḥadīth books and authors, understands the ideas of chains, has read/heard some research in ḥadīth criticism, has memorized Bayqūniyyah poem or can read it well.

Materials: Homework 1 (after Session 2)
Beginners: Identifying the Matn vs. Isnad, the 10 imams, the six books,
Intermediate: Mapping chains practice, connections between three ḥadīths (three practice trials from Bukhārī, Aḥmad, al-Jāmiʿ al-Saghīr, highlights the difference in organization of those books) Advanced: Learning to use al-Taqrīb

Short Project 1 (after Session 3)
Beginners: Identifying chains by their ends: Marfūʿ, Maqtūʿ, or mowqūf
Intermediate: Choosing 3 ḥadīths, mapping the chains
Advanced: Using Taqrīb to identify 10 chains as marfūʿ, maqtūʿ or mowqūf

Homework 2 (after Session 5)
Beginners: TBA 
Intermediate: TBA
Advanced: TBA


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