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Topic-icon Brief Notes on "Reasons for the Raising of 'ilm"

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11 years 1 month ago #1053 by h_elsharif
Assalāmu alaikum, here is a brief listing of points from the lecture:

"The Disappearance of Islāmic Knowledge (Part II)"
Lecture by: Abūl 'Abbās Mūsá Richardson
August 7th, 2010

From the reasons why Islamic knowledge is lifted (taken away) from the people:

- Death of the scholars

- Not Acting in accordance to one's knowledge

- Not giving da'wah and/or hiding knowledge from the people who are in need of it

- the following of desires

- having ignorance with regards to the goals/objectives of the Islamic Sharee'ah (Legislation)

- taking knowledge from the youth instead of the elders who are senior in Islamic knowledge. (Also taking knowledge from the people of innovation and desires instead of the senior scholars of the religion)

(note: there are more reasons for the disappearance of Islamic knowledge, these were just the points we were able to cover during the lecture.)

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