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13 years 6 months ago #141 by straight path 101
praying with just people was created by straight path 101
Salaamu alaikum brothers and sisters insha allah does anybody has the haqq on praying with just two people.......i have a cousin who says the person leading the ṣalāh should be slightly ahead the person on the right, i never heard of this before...is this a bid'ah??.....i did find this...............When two are praying...

Ibn Hajar reports by way of Ibn Juraeej who said, "I said to Ataa, 'the man who prays with another man, where does he stand?' He said, 'Along his right.' I said, 'He comes parallel to him until he aligns with him, neither of them is further back than the other?' He said, 'Yes.' I said, 'Do you like that he be equal with him until there is no gap between them?' He said 'Yes.'" (Fath ul-Baaree - Kitaab al-Athaan no. 57)

And showed him this proof he kind of rejected it....and ask the eemam at the mosque we attend and the eemam told him that when two people pray the person leading ṣalāt should be slighty ahead and the eemam said it was from the sunnah....How should i handle this??? if my cousin is rejecting proof authenic proof what should i do about him??? and the masjid i go to here in pensacola,fl what should i do about that???

insha allah someone can help me out here
jazzakallahu khiron

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13 years 6 months ago #145 by h_elsharif
Replied by h_elsharif on topic Re:praying with just people
Wa 'alaykumussalām wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu brother Hudhaifa, may Allaah preserve us upon the Straight Path,

For your situation, I advise being patient and gentle with your cousin and with the Muslims in your local masjid. You may bring statements from the scholars to someone, but they may not even know who the scholar is or the importance of adhering to them.

And unless the individual learns some basic fundamentals of following the Sunnah, they may not even know how to handle statements of Imāms that appear to contradict Prophetic guidance. Remember, your intention insha-Allaah is to rectify the people, so that they worship Allaah, subhaanahu wa ta 'alaa correctly, and this takes time, hard work, and fine manners.

Check out this troid.ca article:

Also I wanted to mention that I live in South Florida, feel free to send an e-mail from time to time at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Maybe I can connect you to some brothers who live in the central Florida area if you're able to visit there insha-Allaah.

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13 years 6 months ago #148 by sajid
Replied by sajid on topic Re:praying with just people
wa alaykum as salām wa rahmatullaah brother,

InshAllaah the link www.sunnahpublishing.net/modules/Fiqh/2praying.pdf gives the ḥadīth for 2 people praying together. And the research of the brothers matches with what is mentioned in Fath ul Baaree. wa jazaak.

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