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9 years 4 months ago - 8 years 7 months ago #1684 by J.Finch
A Visit in Makkah with TROID was created by J.Finch
As-Salaamu 'Alaykum,


The Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace upon him, said, "...Good speech is charity..." [al-Bukhārī and Muslim]

Recently, I had an opportunity to meet with a few brothers from TROID here in Makkah: Aḥmad, Umar and Saif al-Deen. Although this was our first time meeting, it didn't seem like it. We discussed a number of issues with one another. We discussed family, d'awah, the dynamics of our Salafī communities in the west, and a host of other issues. I found the brothers to be very friendly, brotherly and welcoming. I also found them to be keen on trying to spread the correct understanding of Islam (i.e. Salafiyyah). They shared with me stories of the progression of their d'awah efforts and some of the ups and downs that they've gone through (may Allah reward them for their patience). In turn, I shared with them how their website was (and still is) a gateway for me to learn about the Salafī D'awah; and for that, I will always be appreciative. In short, it was very nice to meet with my Salafī brothers at TROID. I want to say, may Allah reward the noble brothers at TROID, and may He, the Most High, grant them sincerity and success in their efforts. I also ask HIm, the All Able, to make them firm in the face of adversity, and to distance them from all that is evil. Indeed, He is the All Hearing, the All Able, capable of answering our supplications.

In conclusion, I wrote this small post to encourage the Salafīs to have love for one another, and in order to show the benefits of reaching out and communicating with your brothers, wherever they may be from. No doubt, we, Ahl al-Sunnah, are few, and it is imperative for us to show love for and to aid one another; likewise, we must stay away from all that will cause hatred between us, and we must stay away from belittling each other and belittling each other's efforts.

Your brother in Islām,

Abū Adam Jameel Finch
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