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8 years 7 months ago #1781 by moosaa.richardson
Advice 4 Muslim Designers of Clothing, Book Covers was created by moosaa.richardson
In the Name of Allaah...

I advise my brothers and sisters who are involved in the use of artistic design in their work on websites, book covers, clothing design, etc. to avoid the following things:

Images that depict Paradise, the Hellfire, or things in them. These are from the unseen, and the beauty and greatness of Paradise contains "what no heart has ever imagined". Our Salaf wrote books about the Hereafter and they did not draw pictures of things in the Hereafter or ask them to be drawn for them.

Images of people and living things, since that has been specifically prohibited by the Prophet (ṣallallāhu alayhe wa sallam) in many ḥadīths.

Images of decorated masjids, extravagant minarets, domes, etc. which have been prohibited in Islām. Extravagantly decorated masjids are a prophetic sign of the coming of the Last Day, and must not be endorsed. They are not proper symbols of Islām. Domes commonly represent the place of a grave within a (so-called) masjid. If not, then it is at least extravagance in construction and a waste of time and money. It should not be presented as an image that represents Islām or something we are pleased with. (EVEN IF IT IS IN MAKKAH OR MADEENAH!)

The Name of Allaah (decorated or not) alone, with no meaning attached to it. This is the way of the Soofees, that they mention "Allaah, Allaah, Allaah," and they do not put the Name of Allaah together with a comprehensible meaning. Our shaykh Rabee' ibn Hādī cautioned us about this when he was shown a book which featured the Name of Allaah alone in an image on the cover.

Playing with Arabic letters to produce an image that looks like an English word, the result being a word in Arabic that is mere jibberish if read in Arabic. I advise against this as I feel that this may lead to or include a lack of respect for the honorable Arabic language. It may also lead to your work being viewed as silly and childish by people who know Arabic. For example, if a scholar were to be given a copy of a serious book in Aqīdah or a book of some great benefit to the English speaking Muslims, yet it has a silly design of Arabic letters in a logo or book title. This would reflect negatively about the publishers of the book, and Allaah knows best.

The use of logos like the star and crescent to represent Islām as a symbol. Islām has no symbol or logo that represents it.

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