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Topic-icon Hiding Books in a Bookstore to Buy them Later

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8 years 7 months ago #1782 by moosaa.richardson
Hiding Books in a Bookstore to Buy them Later was created by moosaa.richardson
In the Name of Allaah...

Some students are very keen to locate and purchase the books they need for their library. Sometimes they are bit too keen for their own good. An example of this would be when a student finds a book he needs in a bookstore, and perhaps it is rare and it is the last available copy in the bookstore, so he hides it behind some other books in a different section of the bookstore, to prevent anyone from finding it or buying it before he can come back for it.

Our vigilance over beneficial matters must be paired with honoring people's rights and not oppressing them!

This is an act of oppression, as you are preventing someone from selling his wares without right. And you may not come back to buy that book, and thus you would be totally preventing that bookstore from selling the book. No matter who owns the bookstore, the question remains, "Do you have the right to prevent them from selling their goods?" NO.

Replace this impermissible act of oppression with:

1) Asking Allaah for the book.

2) Then asking the clerk to put the book aside for you. If he agrees, then he is willingly withholding from selling the book to someone else, and he may choose to do this to offer you a service to gain your loyalty as a customer. In this case, no wrongdoing has occurred.

3) If you can not buy the book now, nor will the clerk put it aside for you, ask Allaah to help you purchase the book somehow.

4) Borrowing money to buy the book if it is important.

5) Put the book on lay-away! What - Lay-away?! Yes, put an 'URBOON (a non-refundable down payment) on it. This may be possible if the salesman agrees.

6) If you find no way to buy it or reserve it, and someone else buys it, then say the du'aa' which means "O Allaah reward me through this loss, and replace that which I have lost (the opportunity to buy a beneficial book) with something better," and Allaah will answer your supplication and grant you something better!

And Allaah knows best.
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8 years 7 months ago #1796 by Yusbiq
Jazaka Allah khayran

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