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8 years 7 months ago #1783 by moosaa.richardson
Aqeeqah on the Seventh Day [important] was created by moosaa.richardson

In the UK sacrifice is delivered the next day. For Aqeeqah, what's better - to sacrifice on the 6th and eat on the 7th, or to sacrifice on 7th and eat on 8th?

The 'Aqeeqah IS the slaughter, whether you cook the food, give it away, or store it in a freezer for a later time.

So the answer to your question is that it is better to slaughter on the seventh day, and eat on the 8th day, if you intend to eat it. It is not necessary to sponsor a dinner or invite people to eat from the meat of the 'aqeeqah. And it is not correct to refer to the party itself as the 'aqeeqah. It is merely an invitation where some of the food is from the 'aqeeqah.

When people think that their slaughter must be prepared and served as a meal for it to be a real aqeeqah, then they have fallen into excessiveness in the Religion. There are some people who are able to simply slaughter and distribute the meat, but they don't have enough money to prepare and serve a large meal for a group of people, so they refrain from slaughtering, and thus deprive themselves of a great act of worship, which some scholars even consider to be an obligation when one is financially able.

Another important reminder: The seventh day is the day BEFORE the day of birth in the following week. So if your baby was born on a Saturday, the slaughter should be performed on the following Friday, meaning: from the sunset of its eve (what we call today "Thursday evening") until Friday's sunset. Saturday would actually be the child's eighth day of life.

And Allaah knows best.
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