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Vote a Muslim for the Nobel Prize? A No-Brainer? was created by troid.org admin
It is a given that Muslims should seek to have Muslim win the distinguished Noble Prize, correct? Is this something that will being honour to Islam and the Muslim world?

>> Dear Friends
>> This is to support a campaign to nominate Abdul Sattar Edhi for Nobel Peace
>> Prize this year.Mr Edhi needs no introduction and his welfare work is known
>> to everyone within Pakistan and also his work has received plaudits from
>> across the globe.
>> So far 76,219 have signed the petition which can be accessed at:
>> www.nobelprize ...
>> I request all the addressees that if you are convinced that Edhi saheb
>> deserves Nobel prize then please sign the petition yourself first and then
>> pass the message on to your as many friends as possible.
>> We should at least be able to demonstrate how much support, love and
>> affection Abdul Sattar Edhi enjoys.
>> Regardless of whether he gets it or not we need to show our support. Please
>> sign it now.

Response/Comment from Mūsá Richardson:

If we cared about the recognition of the disbelievers, we would be nominating the Sunni scholars of Islām for their prizes, as THEY are the ones saving the Ummah, bringing them back to life through proper beliefs and practice that draw them near to Allaah (by His Permission), defending the Religion and clarifying it night and day...

Yet, Muslims should take honor in their religion, for themselves and their brothers, and not seek honor from the kuffaar who are without it themselves!

"And to Allaah belongs al-'Izzah (honor, status), and to His Messenger, and to the believers, yet the hypocrites know not!" [meaning of Sūrah al-Munaafiqoon, v.8]

Petitioning the kuffaar to honor a Muslim is a disgrace. May Allaah save us from disgracing ourselves by our own hands. Add to that, they can decide not to recognize the person or honor him, and then we are disgraced even further - We sought the recognition from the disbelievers and they rejected us and honored their own people. Disgrace upon disgrace!

And - out of all the people to single out to promote by suggesting this kind of disgraceful request - we choose "Abdul-Sattar Edhi"?! This is the best we have? Someone who addresses the world with a written invitation to visit his (and his wife's) prepared grave before he dies, praising the people who have already traveled to pay it a visit? May Allaah guide him and us.

When we talk about the lives of people and consider honoring them (amongst the Muslims), don't we do a proper study of their lives? And doesn't this include knowing about their beliefs? For those of you who fidget and refuse to accept what I narrate about this man, then educate us about his 'aqīdah then. If he is not a Soofee Qubooree, then show us his 'aqīdah and how he is from Ahl al-Sunnah, if we are to honor him amongst ourselves.

And Allaah knows best.
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