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8 years 4 months ago - 8 years 4 months ago #1997 by J.Finch
As-Salaam ‘Alaykum,


One of the Salaf mentioned: "From the blessings upon a youth is that he is guided to a scholar of the Sunnah, thus he doesn't go astray."

This morning I had an opportunity to go for morning walk after Fajr with our noble Shaykh Abū ‘Umar Aḥmad Bāzmool, may Allah protect him from all that is evil. I want to share with my noble brothers and sisters some of the good manners and habits that I witnessed.

It is not strange to see Shaykh Aḥmad out for a light walk. As I have come to know, this is a habit of his. One of our good brothers and I were once sitting for tea in a neighborhood in Makkah, so we noticed a man out for a walk; he was stopping to grab a morrocan tea. It was Shaykh Aḥmad! That evening, he even took some time to sit with us for an hour or more. May Allah reward him.

I asked him today about his walking and he said: “Walking is good for you, and it relaxes the body.” This goes to show that the scholars are concerned with their health.

Whilst out on the walk, I noticed a few manners from Shaykh Aḥmad. The first is that he gave a greeting to those who were sitting as we were walking; this is an etiquette found in a prophetic narration.

The second etiquette I noticed is that while we were walking, there were some books that had been thrown on the ground. Shaykh Aḥmad stopped to pick them up and to remove them from the path.

Perhaps this was done for one of two reasons, or both, acting by the prophetic narration that from the branches of faith is removing something harmful from the road, and - or, honoring books of knowledge by removing them from the ground. Allah knows best.

The last thing I noticed is that the Shaykh is very patient. He could have easily taken his walk by himself, yet, he allowed me to accompany him and conversate with him.

Finally, after a few discussions on knowledge-based issues, a manhaj question was asked: “Is it OK to discuss innovation during the month of Ramaḍān, and is this considered taking away from time with Qur’aan?”

He replied:

All types of good deeds should be done during Ramaḍān. Striving against innovation and innovators is considered striving in the path of Allah, and striving in the path of Allah is legislated during Ramaḍān.

Secondly, speaking about innovation and innovators is considered commanding the good and prohibiting evil. This is also legislated during Ramaḍān.

He also told me: “Be upon the truth, and if that results in people abandoning you, it doesn’t harm you.”

I ask Allah, the Most High, to preserve our scholars, just as I ask Him to increase us in knowledge, implementation, and manners. Indeed, He is able to answer our supplications!
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