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Topic-icon A message from TROID re: Salafiyyah (Aug. 29 1999)

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9 years 1 week ago - 9 years 1 week ago #2161 by troid.org admin
A message from the brothers at TROID (The Reign of Islamic Da'wah), Aug. 29th 1999 (emailed out on our "eGroup"):

As-salām 'alaykum

Due to the recent events here in Toronto, we deemed it necessary to
inform and warn the Muslims in our community and abroad about the
Surooriyyah/Qutubiyyah/Hizbiyyah and their Da'awah in the West.
At TROID, our official position is that we will expose, fight against
and declare ourselves free from these innovators and their innovated
and deviant innovation.
We shall continue to convey the statements of the 'ulamāʾ to the laymen
and educated Salafīs, until they (i.e. the Surooriyyah) remove
themselves from us and the Da'awatus-Salafiyyah, or until they make
tawbah and return to the 'ulamāʾ.
We say in no unclear or uncertain terms and we say unapologetically,
the people upon that Da'awah [Surooriyyah] ARE NOT SALAFEE! Nor are they from our
'aqīdah, so we say this lest the ignorant one should say that the
Suroorees have the same 'aqīdah as the Salafīs, but not the same
manhaj. And we humbly implore anyone who attributes himself to the
Da'awatus-Salafiyyah to study what manhaj
is and to find out the
difference between 'aqīdah and manhaj. And these two terms in reality
(fee haqeeqiyyah) are synonyms. We advise the Suroorees themselves to
cease and desist in their attacks against our 'ulamāʾ and our da'awah.
If the Suroorees do not like this da'awah, then stop pretending that
you adhere to it by calling yourselves Salafī and trying to fool the
ignorant Muslims into believe that's the case. And we advise the
people who who wish to sit upon the fence and take what they call "the
middle coure in this issue." That we HAVE taken the middle course and
'ulamāʾ [who are the inheritors of the prophets, whom we have to follow] have taken the middle course.

And just as we refute the 'aqīdah of the Ash'ariyyah and the Soofiyyah
and the Tableeghees, so too must the Salafīs refute this da'awah [Qutbiyyah/Surooriyyah].

13 years later, the da'wah of calling to the Sunnah with kindness and good manners, and speaking out against Innovation and its callers - the da'wah salafiyyah is one, it doens't change with the wind, mould to the times. It is pure, prestine, the call of the Prophet (ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam), his Sahaabah and those who followed them in righteousness.

We ask Allaah to preserve us all upon this path of clarity, ameen.
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