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Topic-icon Representing The Companions In Films is Prohibited

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7 years 10 months ago #2237 by Abu Ubaidah

I asked Our brother Abūl-'Abbass Mūsá Richardson about the Television Series which is popular with the youth today about Umar ibn Khattab -We seek refuge from Allaah from these types of prohibited films and television series-

Abū Ubaidah: Na'aam baarakAllaahu feek, akhee I wanted to ask you about some new television series based on the life of Umar ibn Khattab (radiyaAllaahu Anhu). Do you know Anything about it?

Mūsá Richardson: No, The scholars prohibit the whole whole idea of portraying the companions in plays and movies. Repulsive, Who would say, 'I am Umar ibn al-Khattab'? Lying and taking deen as play...Where is the Claimed respect and admiration in that?

Shaykh Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān was asked on Wednesday 4 july 2012 (14 Sha´baan 1443) about the issue of ´Umar being represented in an acting role on television. He answered:

" O brother, representing the Companions and especially the Rightly Guides Khalifs (in acting roles), is forbidden and not allowed. There is a total prohibition and it's not allowed and the one that gives a fatwa stating it is permissible, is wrong.

Because this is disrespecting the Companions. And the one that acts the role of ´Umar, Abū Bakr or any other Companion, lies about the Companions. It may be that this person, that acts this role or represents them, is a sinner. And then he says: "This is ´Umar", "This is Abū Bakr", "This is so-and-so". This is disrespecting the Companions and not allowed.

It is obligatory that we respect (the Companions) and (believe) that they have a lofty position that an actor will never reach or come close to. So this is not allowed. And to perform this in Ramadaan is even worse. Because Ramadaan is a blessed time and a time for worshipping, fasting and praying. People busying themselves in Ramadaan with plays, even if there is nothing haraam in it, comedies, stories and competitions, all of this is not allowed. Because it keeps the people from worshipping (Allaah) and it keeps them from praying the nightprayer and Taraweeh. So this is not allowed. The muslims may not be occupied so that they can not benefit from Ramadaan. But the Shaytaan mobilizes his soldiers to keep the people from achieving the favors and the goodnesses of Ramadaan. He keeps them busy with nonsense, distractions, (tv-)series and that which has no benefit in it, but harms them.

So it is obligatory on the Muslims to purify the month of Ramadaan from this nonsense. They have to be empty (available) to worship (Allaah), they have to be encouraged to this and to be reminded of Allaah, instead of withholding them by way of these distractions. This is violating the month of Ramadaan and its sanctity. So it not suitable for the radio or television, owned by the muslims, to show these plays.

The prohibition on representing the Companions in acting roles, verdicts have been issued about this by the Fiqh Academies and the Council of Senior Scholars. So this act is not allowed. "

SOURCE: www.sahab.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=130809

Here is a fatwa from Shaykh Ṣāliḥ as-Suhaymee on Watching the film "The Message"

Questioner: What is the Ruling of watching the film "The Message" Where the people can know about the biography of the prophet (salalaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) in a very easy way.

Shaykh Ṣāliḥ as-Suhaymee (hafithuhullaah):

"Allaah Forbid! There is no way of learning about the biography (by watching this).
Indeed this is only learning about atheism and heresy. The film "the Message" and the films of this nature which talk about the prophet and represents some of the roles of the prophet and some of the roles of his companions, rather ALL these acting are prohibited absolutely.

Whether they are called islaamic plays, Drama plays, Love plays, Romantic Plays or other than these, ALL of this is forbidden, lies, false and ALL the money which comes from it is Prohibited and Selling its Cassettes is Prohibited.

Even watching (the satellite channels) 'Risaalah' and 'Tuyoor Al-Jannah' (Birds of Paradise) is prohibited because it includes therein innovations, myths, music and falls short in modesty towards Allaah and His Messenger (salalaahu Alayhi wa Sallam). "


We seek refuge from Allaah from these types of films/movies/TV Series and prohibited acts in the Religion.

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