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Super-Salafīs? Ahl al-Sunnah love the Muslims, love their guidance and don't look down upon the people.

An email by Mūsá Richardson:

as-Salaamu 'alaykum

While people might try to accuse Salafīs of having an attitude of superiority in da'wah, and while the Salafīs are diligent in trying to guide the common people and not insult them, here is the actual method of how Kamal el-Mekki (at Green Lane Masjid) believes callers to Islam should view those he gives da'wah to:


Al-hamdulillaah we haven't seen this from our Salafī scholars and their students.

And al-hamdulillaah, if we come off as being "holier than thou" sometimes, perhaps it is from someone's misunderstanding of our message and the confidence we have in it, or perhaps we have erred in our manners and we are willing to consider that.

Al-hamdulillaah, we do not believe we are better than the people, and look down on them. We do not remind each other to have an air of superiority over the people we address. We remind each other to be humble and accept the truth however it reaches us.

Al-hamdulillaah, we remind each other to be gentle with the common people, and to bear their harms gracefully.

We also recognize that anyone can correct us in any issue, by providing evidence we overlooked or did not know of.

We do not say there is no way they could know more than me. This is the epitome of arrogance: غمط الناس looking down on the people and بطر الحق rejecting the truth (when it comes from our students, audience, etc.), and whoever has a TRACE, the smallest amount of this, will not enter Paradise. Subhaan Allaah - may Allaah distance the callers to Allaah from this kind of arrogance.

One of our brothers, a good student of knowledge, mentioned to me just the other day, about how a 6 year old child reminded him of an aayah that opposed what he was saying. Can you imagine if we would adopt Kamal el-Mekki's attitude of superiority in such a situation?! May Allaah guide him.


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