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Salafi Publications and others visit Shaykh Rabee was created by troid.org admin
In a blessed sitting after Hajj, the brothers from Salafi Publications (Abū Khadījah, Abū Ḥakīm, Abū Idrees) and others from the UK/Madeenah such as Abdilillaah Lahmamee, along with many others from parts of the UK, Europe, America and Canada (including our own brothers, Sayfud-Deen and Abū Bakr) visited with Shaykh Rabee' Ibn Hādī. The Shaykh delivered beautiful advice and direction to the brothers from the West. A wonderful display of unity and gathering to benefit from a scholar. This is a great example for young Muslims upon the Sunnah to take example from their elders, first and foremost the scholars, then to take example from those who organised this visit. Observe the manners, the togetherness, the efforts to fight through the trials that Allaah placed in front of these brothers for the last 20 years. A da'wah (in Birmingham) that began from distributing cassettes from a car boot (not unlike TROID later, in 1997, who began with one single cassette and one single flyer distributed across Toronto). The young brother today, who attend the duroos, who may eventually go to study - take example from this experience, for one day, the youngsters who fill the masjid may open and close the masjid, may be the ones to give the khutbah and organise the Umrah etc..so pay close attention baraakallaahu feekum!

A large body of brothers here at Shaikh Rabee's house from the UK, USA, Canada etc. Beautiful Dars by the Shaikh in the topic of Imaan. Sh. Rabee spoke about the means of strengthening Imaan: Reciting the Qur'aan, righteous deeds and Allaah's remembrance. Shaikh Rabee stated the aqīdah of Ahlus Sunnah is that Imaan is speech & action, it increases and decreases. then he refuted the Murji'ah. He went on to establish that the affairs are in the Hands of Allaah and His Decree, so a person relies upon Allaah, fully. Sh. Rabee said that the believer knows the affairs are decreed by Allaah so he knows no one can harm him or benefit him except by His Decree. Sh. Rabee mentioned the importance of ṣalāh and sadaqah. Prayer upon the Sunnah of the Prophet & Sadaqa upon the generosity of the Prophet. Sh. Rabee stated that these are the means of strengthening Imaan. And its opposite is abandonment of righteous deeds & commission of sins. Messenger said: If you partake in interest, hold on to the tails of cattle, satisfied with cultivation of the earth & abandon jihad... The Prophet cont'd: "Then Allaah will send down upon them humiliation & He will not remove it till you return back to your Deen." Allaah stated: "If you aid Allaah's deen, Allaah will aid you.." So it is not the greatness of numbers bcos the Companions were not many. Shaikh Rabee cont'd: Rather the Sahaabah were small in number yet Allaah gave them victory over their adversaries from the Romans & Persians. Sh. Rabee: That victory was due to their Imaan, their aqīdah, their manhaj, their piety. So Allaah made them victorious. The Messenger mentioned a time when the disbelievers will take from the Muslim lands just like the guests take from the food of the host. And the Messenger explained that this is not due to the small number of Muslims in that time, rather they will be many in number, but... The Messenger cont'd: The Muslims will be like the scum carried by the flood water (even though they will great in number). Shaikh Rabee stated: This is the state of many of the Muslims today, they are like the scum carried by the flood water. So upon you is steadfastness upon the Deen, to hold to the truth and sincerity and righteous deeds - to strengthen your Imaan. Sh. Rabee ended with supplicating to Allaah to give us steadfastness upon the Sunnah and to grant us success in that which pleases Allaah. May Allaah reward the Shaykh, preserve him, protect him and make him a cause of benefit for the ummah. Ameen. Baarakallaahufeekum.

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