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10 Points on Preserving a Community was created by aassing

These are a few points that will aid in keeping a muslim community firm, inshaa Allaah.

1. Make a solid (and frequent) connection to the Scholars, Shuyookh, Tulaab and Du'aat that are known for istiqaamah.

2. Not being hasty in pushing anyone forward to teach/preach. Give them time. Test them even when you think you know them.

3. Respecting the administrative roles that each other has. Don't operate unilaterally. Consult each other. Very important.

4. Don't ever think the dawah needs you. Imāms and Scholars have died and the dawah has continued. Your time in aiding and benefiting others will also end one day. Ask Allaah for a good ending.

5. Be mindful of rumours concerning financial affairs of the masjid/dawah centre. When it reaches you put an end to it by taking it straight to the admin of the masjid/dawah centre. This can seriously harm the community.

6. When others criticize you regarding the quality of your work in the masjid/dawah, examine yourself and see if any of it is true. Think long and hard before you respond. Your response reflects on the administration of the masjid.

7. Be mindful of issues among the women, don't allow that to cause separation between the brothers.

8. Don't allow personal issues cut you off from the whole community. You don't have to agree 100% with everyone. Stick to the Jamaa'ah.

9. Support your community with your time, wealth, du'a, knowledge (Islamic, Academic, Skill etc). When finished, encourage others to do the same.

10. Be sincere and grateful to Allaah for all that He has blessed you with through your community. Many people have less.
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