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Bilāl Philips: Ever the Chameleon was created by troid.org admin
The Canadian lecturer and speaker, Bilāl Philips, is from the most deceitful and treacherous callers to Ahlul-Bid'ah. From time to time, he reappears seeking to re-claim salafiyyah for himself, confusing innocent Muslims who are trusting of him.

Abū Khadījah mentions:

Bilāl Philips is an individual who has gone to great lengths over the years to disguise his Ikhwaanee Manhaj from the Salafi youth, and he has led many people astray from the Salafi methodology. Here I present a brief but amply sufficient article proving that the methodology of Bilāl Philips (and by extension the methodology of those who support him and defend him knowingly) is far from the Manhaj of the Salaf. Consider these quotes as the confessions of Abū Ameenah Bilāl Philips. May Allaah guide him, and protect the Muslims from his misguidance.

The following short, concise collection of points illustrates the height of his corruption:

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