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6 years 11 months ago #2369 by BenMoh
AsSalaam aleykum,

There seems to be a trend lately in the European area where banks offer an alternative free checking account in combination with not letting you go under 0,00 €. This goes with 0,00 % ribaa on your account. This is very disadvantageously for the kuffaar since they miss out on their beloved ribaa and are not interested in these kind of checking account.

Now the question is;

If you need a Bank for certain purposes, and if there is a Bank "A" offering a free checking account with 0,00 % interest and another Bank "B" offering the free checking account but with 0.25% ribaa, what are we adviced to do? Notice that both banks deal with ribaa since it's the Western habit of banks. Should we sign up for the ribaa and collect it so we can give it away? Or sign up for the free checking account accompanied with 0,00 % ribaa.

Also; I see some brothers looking for the highest rate of interest so they can collect this to give it away, they even negotiate with the bank for a bonus-ribaa. There are other brothers who just sign up to collect the interest since it's the way it goes?

What should we advice them or should we follow there footsteps and neglect the bank with 0,00% interest?

What do the kibaar alUlumaa-e say? I have tried to contact them but the phone numbers I have are offline (outdated).



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