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6 years 9 months ago #2379 by tarbaby
Wali was created by tarbaby
Salamu alaikum

I would like to get married to a woman who dose not have a wali. Her male relatives on the father side are all non Muslims. Also I strive to practice the way of Salaf as saalih. I wont to only do an Islamic marriage but there is no Salafi masjid in Seattle, WA or in the state of Organ that I know of.

My issues

1. I have communicated with several masjids (non salafi) about doing the Nikah. All of them firmly believe there must be a civil marriage filed with the state and then they will do the sunnah marriage.

2. The sisters wali would be the imam of the masjid near her (there is no muslim ruler or judge). Does the wali have to be the imam apparently putting the rules of the land before the sunnah, in this case all the imams I have talk to? This is the nearest masjid laceymasjid.org/ others are like this or very cultural.

3. Can the sister appoint a wali (Good Muslim) that want to follow the sunnah of nikah.

Assalamu alaikum

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