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6 years 3 months ago #2418 by UmmSafura
Who is Abū Khadījah? was created by UmmSafura
Maa shaa Allaah I found this and thought this would be a good read (to pass) on to people who are unaware of our noble brother Abū Khadījah 'Abdul-Waahid (Haafidhahullaah), Maa shaa Allaah may Allaah have mercy on our brother, Aameen. May Allah have mercy on As-Salafiyyūn for their patience, truthfulness, steadfastness and humbleness in the Deen, Allaahoummaa Aameen.

“Abū Khadījah studied with Shaykh Abū Anas Hamad Al-Uthmān whilst in Kuwait.”

“And before that we had met Shaykh Muhammad Al-Anjaaree in the Bangalore airport for sometime when he stopped there & the brothers asked him about Brother Abū Khadījah and the Shaykh told us that he is the Shaykh's student for seven years.

Shaykh Rabee's Tazkiyyah for Abū Khadījah:

Scholar's defense for Salafi Publications:

Refutation of false accusations against Abū Khadījah and SPUBS:

بارك الله علينا

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