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6 years 2 months ago #2469 by Umm 'Uthmaan Al-Musaafir
[Benefit]: Imām Bin Bāz رحمه اللهTime Management was created by Umm 'Uthmaan Al-Musaafir
Imām Bin Bāz رحمه الله on Time Management

1. A part of his day And night For recital of the Qur'an And contemplation of it.

2. A part for seeking knowledge And understanding the religion, memorising primers, And reviewing problematic issues.

3. A part to take care of his obligations With his family.

4. A part for his Prayers, worship, and types of remembrance And supplication...

This excerpt was taken from the treatise:
"It is Obligatory to Command with Virtue and Prohibit Vice,"27-28.

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