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Topic-icon Benefit: Sins were the Cause of his Fall

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6 years 1 month ago #2506 by سارة بنت عبد القادر‎
Benefit: Sins were the Cause of his Fall was created by سارة بنت عبد القادر‎
'Abdul-'Aziz bin Abi Rawad said,"I visited a man at the time of death."

He was being prompted to say the testimony that there is none worthy of worship in truth other than Allah (laa illaha illa Allah); of which he said,

"I am a disbeliever in what you say" and thus died.

Then I went to ask about him, and it turned out that he was an alcoholic.

[Because of this]'Abdul-'Aziz would say,

"Beware of sins, for they were the cause of his fall"

-Ibn Rajab
Jami'Al-'Ulum Wal Hikam, Page 80

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