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13 years 5 months ago #223 by Ilmislaam
Please clear this doubt was created by Ilmislaam
Assalamu Alaikum brothers,

I recently read an article on Troid about "The Benefits from the stories of those who repented" and i was confused a bit when i read a para..

On the authority of Jaabir Ibn Abdullah who said "We went out on an expedition and one of us was hit with a rock and it caused a gash on his head, then when he slept he had a wet dream. So he asked his companions.."Is it permissible for me to make Tayyammum?" They answered.."We don't see anything to permit you to do so as long as there is water present". So he made Ghusl(bath) and died. When they reached the prophet(S.A.W)he was informed of this and said " They killed him,Allah kill them! Could they not have asked if they didn't know? Indeed the cure for ignorance is the question."

Can u please interprete this para as i couldn't exactly get this and i have a doubt that is what is the islaamic ruling about wet dreams?..is it necessary to bath after waking up?

Jazakkalu Khairan

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13 years 5 months ago #236 by h_elsharif
Replied by h_elsharif on topic Re:Please clear this doubt
Wa 'alaykumussalām,

If you able to get access to an explanation on a book on Islamic Fiqh, in many cases they start with issues related to purification. A wet dream is one of the affairs that necessitates ghusl for the one who is going to pray.

There is some information here:

I think if you do a search in the troid.ca store you may find a book or an audio with more information insha-Allaah.

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13 years 5 months ago #244 by moosaa.richardson
Replied by moosaa.richardson on topic Re:Please clear this doubt
wa 'alaykumus-salāmu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

An ejaculation necessitates a ghusl (bath), whether it happened when one was asleep or awake. A wet dream, also called a nocturnal emmision, necessitates a bath for both men and women, so long as they detect the ejaculation. A dream where one experiences something like an ejaculation in the dream only necessitates a ghusl if there was a real ejaculation from the physical body.

This is directly understood from the ḥadīth of Umm Salamah in at-Tirmithee (113), Abū Dāwūd (236), and others, by way of 'Abdullāh al-'Umaree, who is weak, however the scholars consider this ḥadīth authentic because of support from other chains. At-Tirmithee mentions after bringing the ḥadīth that if a man has a "wet dream" but finds no emmision when he wakes up then he is not required to take a bath, and that this is the position of the general body of scholars. Please read at-Tirmithee's words on this ḥadīth if you have his book.

And Allaah knows best.

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