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8 years 10 months ago #2243 by Madeehah Ahmad
Assalāmu'alaykum wa rahmatullaah

Alhamdulillaah I've reached the recording for class #6 of the 2007 Ḥadīth Sciences course and have so far found the lessons very useful, interesting, enjoyable as well as easy to follow and would highly recommend them for anyone looking for some basic knowledge on the topic.

I have one suggestion so far and that is that it would be useful to upload the handouts given out to students on the course on this forum or link them next to where the audios are downloaded from. This way those listening to recordings can follow the workshop lessons more easily and feel more part of the course.

Also I think these sheets prepared by Abū Talhah Dāwūd Burbank raḥimahullāh should prove useful for classes 3 and 5 both of which are workshops using Ibn Hajar's Taqreebut-Tahtheeb.

Ibn Hajar - Maraatib and Tabaqaat of Narrators

Page 2 of the document shows the 'tabaqaat' or levels of the narrators and shows how the year of death of a narrator can be worked out by knowing the 'tabaqah' and the year given in Taqreeb. There is some slight variation in terminology used for the first few levels from what was mentioned in the lesson.

This sheet shows the meaning of the abbreviations used in Taqreebut-Tahtheeb.

Taqreeb Abbreviations

Additional resources can be found here , which include a translated summary of the book Tayseer Mustalahil-Ḥadīth of Dr Mahmood Tahhaan (a basic book on the science of ḥadīth).

May Allaah reward the teacher and those who helped make the course possible, and may He allow many to benefit from it, aameen.

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