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Your MP3 audios are available online. The audio files are downloadable digital content. You can download them through TROIDStore without purchase. Here's how (read very carefully, five easy steps):

1. Follow this link (this is a private link for summer course students only): [See your email]

2. Add this special item to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout phase (you may have to make a free account – IMPORTANT: you must use the same email address as your registered summer course email address (I.e. The one you received this email at)

3. Once you reach the payment page, select 'phone order' as the payment method and in the notes section, type: I'm a summer courses student (note this is just to bypass reg. payment methods since there is no cost to you)

4. Once complete, your order will be processed, after we cross-reference your email address with our summer courses registration database, your order will be completed and then you will receive private download links by email.

5. When you receive your download links, you have 3 opportunities to download each course file (there are three downloads in total, one for aqīdah-seerah-fiqhtafsīr), in addition, the download links will expire within 3 days (72hrs), so pay close attention to your email.

Terms, Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions (do not skip this section – important!):

[Q]: May I mass produce the audio and give to others (or sell)?
[A]: No, the audios are copyrighted, you may keep them for your own personal usage, you may copy them as often as you like provided they don't leave your personal domain (i.e. put them on several computers/devices that own). You may not republish them.

[Q]: Can I give my audio to someone else?
[A]: Yes, you may give them to someone else and then remove them from your possession (just like when you purchase a book and give it away as a gift).

[Q]: Can I allocate my download to someone else?
[A]: No, you must download it yourself as your order will be cross-referenced with your email address that you used during the summer courses.

[Q]: Can I get additional sets for others at a discounted rate?
[A]: You are receiving the audio from the summer courses as part of your registration package, no other offers are affiliated, additional sets can be purchased from www.troid.ca/store

[Q]: I am not very 'techie', can you help?
[A]: If you are not technical, have someone who is walk through these steps for you, if you encounter a specific problem in the process, you may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your query.

[Q]: Why is there a deadline of Jan. 31st 2011 to download the audios?
[A]: We cannot set an infinite date for availability for several reasons, the most important being time. Undoubtedly, some students will run in to some issues which will require our assistance, 150+ students x 3 technical issues x infinity = (!). For this reason, we are allotting just over two months for you to download the audio. After Jan 31st, the download page will be removed.

[Q]: If I lose my audio in the future, you will replace it for free, right?
[A]: This is something we will not do. 150+ students x lost my audio 4 times x 23 yrs x ? Well, you get the idea. If you get a virus, lose the audio, experience a nuclear holocaust, whatever the scenario – we cannot assist with a a free replacement or a discount. It is your responsibility to take care of the audio, back it up to dvd, usb devices etc. we love you all for Allaah's sake, we want you to enjoy and benefit from the audio but remember your lost audio or your technical issue is not the only issue at hand, you have 150 colleagues who may have the same issues and only one person to support them. More importantly, there is no service contract for technical support –it would be a logistical nightmare and an indefinite commitment, one which is not part of your registration agreement.

[Q]: But you're a da'wah centre, you have to help me when I request help, besides I know you since kindergarten!
[A]: We love you all for Allaah's sake, whether you are known to us or not, friends or colleagues, ministers , famous, infamous, 'been on the da'wah for years' etc. etc. - the policy is one – so we will assist you with steps 1-5 in the instruction section (if you encounter a problem), once the audio is with you – you are responsible for it. The deadline to download is Jan. 31st 2011 with no exceptions.

[Q]: I would like to collect my audio from the centre, please put it on a disk for me
[A]: This option is not available, the method in the instructions through the private link provided in the only option to receive your audio (one person may want a disk, another put on their iphone, another on their blackberry, another on their MP3 player, another in their car etc. we cannot support this). Once downloaded you may transfer the audio to your your digital device(s) as needed.

[Q]: Are the audios organised and ID3 tagged?
[A]: Yes, al-Hamdulillaah, they are, check out the iphone screens below and above, audios will work seamlessly with Itunes.

[Q]: I don't understand, in one place you said Jan 31st 2011 in the deadline, another place it says three days to download?
[A]: The download page will be available till Jan 31st only. The three days or 72hrs refers to the amount of time you have to download the MP3s once your order has been processed before the download links (keys) expire.

[Q]: How big are the files, can I use my wifi connection?
[A]: The files are quite large, download them one at a time, not all three courses at once, when one download completes start the next. Two of the downloads are approx 700MB, the other 197MB, they will take between 10-60 mins each depending on your connection speed. Do not use wifi, the connection may break and render your download incomplete – if you download the item three times, and it breaks each time, you will have used up all your download keys, so please use a wired connection, not wifi. Also, download them when you aren’t busy, you don't want a system crash or to accidentally cancel the download etc.

We sincerely apologise for the delay. It was our hope to have all audios ready within two weeks of the completion of the courses, unfortunately, the person responsible for the project fell behind, never really caught up and then someone else had to complete the project. We hope to improve on that area next year insha'Allaah.

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