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13 years 7 months ago #117 by Abû Mûsâ Al-$abashî
Specially Made Da'wah CDs was created by Abû Mûsâ Al-$abashî
This may or may not be available already, but I would suggest making CDs specifically made for da'wah to Muslims that can be given out.

For example, and this might be the most useful application of this, having an inspirational and motivating speaker (e.g. Dāwūd Adīb) prepare and make a CD about the importance of ḥijāb specifically targetted for those women who don't wear ḥijāb. That way, when a brother sees a sister not wearing ḥijāb, instead of going up to talk to her which is very hard to do effectively (if appropriate to do at all), he can just hand over the CD as a gift for her to listen to at her leisure. There might be a myriad of issues that CDs of this nature can be made about such as prayer, lowering the gaze, etc. but the ḥijāb issue is what put this idea into my mind as it is quite common to see sisters not wearing ḥijāb and, although I do want to advise them, for reasons that are obvious I don't. Besides I think it would be a lot easier for a sister to be advised through a CD rather than have someone (especially a brother) tell them to their face. I think many of them would take a defensive position rather than take it as sincere advice. Some might even think you're trying to marry them!

I know there are already lectures available about this and all other issues, but I don't think there are CDs available specifically for da'wah. If this suggestion is feasible and goes down well with you guys, then I would suggest that these da'wah CDs be short, clear (i.e. no background news and therefore probably not a good idea to have these as lectures to an audience), well prepared to take into account possible objections, misconceptions, barriers, etc., and even have an attractive CD cover.

If such CDs already exist (specifically for the ḥijāb issue) then please direct me to them.

Abū Musa

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13 years 7 months ago #119 by troid.ca admin
Replied by troid.ca admin on topic Re:Specially Made Da'wah CDs
This is a noble idea. We have planned to produce a few da'wah cds this year for free distribution to Muslim taxi drivers in the Toronto area. We would like to produce around 200 CDs for this purpose. It is something we hope to accomplish by the end of the summer insha'Allaah.

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