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You have Anti-Semetic Books Here! was created by troid.org admin

  Abū al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

A much needed discussion on the reality of the Jews and the Christians, a heated debate today on social media platforms. Our beloved brother, Abū al-ʿAbbās presents a passage from the Book of Allāh clarifying the belief and disbelief of the People of the Book.


Some years ago, at a convention, we (TROIDStore) were approached by a member of staff, a young University student. The member of staff was a Muslim. After all, it was an "Islamic" convention. He said to us:

"We have been informed that you have a book here, and it is offensive"

I asked him:

"Which book"

He said:

"I don't know, you know"

I said:

"I don't know, you must know, you are making the claim"

He said:

"I will come back" (and he scampered away rushing back to the complainer, seemingly, he didn't even ask what in particular was offensive, his key concern was to defend the honour of the one making the complaint, blindly and heedlessly!)

After and while he returned and said:

"It is here (and he ventured over to a TROID Publication entitled, The Wahhabi Myth)"

I said:

"Which portion of the book is offensive and to who?"

He began to flip through the book, looking for something, but he wasn't too sure what then he said:

"We received a complaint, from one of our speakers (A Jew, yes, it was an "Islamic" convention). He said it was anti-Semitic [offensive to Jews]"

I said:

"What, can you please point out the problem"

He then hurried away and came back with another representative of the convention who backed him up (silently) and finally he said:

"You have something which calls Jews disbelievers"

I said (in disbelief at this statement):

"You mean to tell me that you received a complaint, from a non-Muslim, about a verse or verses in the Qur'an of which our Lord, Allaah, spoke about the Jews? You are not serious?"

He said:

"Can you remove it?"

I said:

"No, I fear disbelief for myself!"

"Invite him to our booth and we can discuss the verses in question, what Allaah has said about the Jews, and invite him to Tawḥīd, debating with wisdom and good manners, this is what our Messenger taught us"

He said:

"Can you just remove it"

I said:

"No, I can't, its the Qur'aan!"

He said:

"I can't make you remove it....but can you just remove it?"

I said:

"No, you are wrong, and this is not how to call Jews or any non-Muslims to Islam by censuring the speech of Allaah, your approach is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself"

He then left and did not return.

So this is an example of how seriously some Muslims attempt to preserve the Jews and Christians within some imaginary status between Islam and disbelief of which they themselves cannot understand or explain but they simply throw out the term "Ahlul-Kitaab" as a barzakh between Islam and kufr. Ready, even, to censor the verses of the Qur'an to please a non-Muslim. So take heed of the audio above. This belief of Jews/Christians not being kuffar is widespread in the philosophically laden MSAs, that seem to operate on the basis of "your reality is what you want to make it" and "There is no right answer" in their approach to da'wah, instead of following the Book and the Sunnah, their 'intellect' is far too developed for that apparently.

May Allaah save us!
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