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Chapter 1 Page 7 Chapter 2 Pages 8-11 of The Book Jinn by Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Raslan Introduction
Page 4-6

Summarised by sister Umm Khadījah Faatimah

Linguistically the word 'Jinn' in Arabic originally means concealment. They are made hidden from our sight. Insanity covers intellect which is why it is called insanity. The person who is a Majnoon, is called such because his intellect is covered.

The Arabic words like Jinn, fetus (Janin) armor (Mijan), and insanity (Junoon) share a common linguistic origin. This is concealment as they all cover something underneath.

Allah, subhaana wa talaa, said regarding the Jinn and the devils:

Indeed, he sees you, him and his tribe, from where you cannot see them (7;27)

They are hidden from your sight and they see you but you are not able to see them.

Shurayh an-Nakha'i said: My wife died before me. I wish she could take from my life or that we died together. I have seen how men hit their wives. May my hand be paralysed if my hand hits Zaynab. |al-Ahkam 1/462|
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