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7 years 4 weeks ago #2461 by UmmAbdurRahmaan40
ISIS and The False Caliph- Shaykh al-Hudayfee was created by UmmAbdurRahmaan40
Muwahhideen Pubs
Tele-Lecture - Exposing ISIS & The False Caliph by Shaykh 'Ali al-Hudhayfee

25th Dhul Qadah 1435 (20th September 2014.) collated tweets@mpubs.

[1] Before we enter into the topic, we would like to say that they are a group of youth who have come together

[2] from different parts of the world, Muslim & non-Muslim countries and they have gathered in a place between Iraaq & Syria

[3] and they have claimed to establish an Islāmic government

[4] They created this so-called government because they do not recognize any other government on the face of the earth as being Islāmic

[5] They do not recognize any of the Muslim countries as being Islāmic

[6] They consider every Muslim country to be a disbelieving country that has committed apostasy & likewise all the government offices and armies

[7] This co-called government is based upon making takfeer of the Muslims and is no different from the Khawaarij of the past.

[8] They have no value whatsoever when it comes to the Islāmic legislation because the manner in which their leadership came about

[9] is not legislated in Islām. The way it should come about is through the process of pledging allegiance by the people who are in charge of the society.

[10] The leaders are the ones to make the pledge of allegiance on behalf of the rest of the citizens.

[11] The Khaleefah does not become as such until this has happened - until the leaders of the society pledge allegiance to him

[12] The forefront of them being the 'Ulamāʾ` and those who have positions of leadership

[13] Any other way of assuming leadership is not valid in Islām.

[14] The way this so-called Khilaafah came about - he gathered a group of youth & thought this was sufficient for him to become the Khaleefah.

[15] This bay'ah gives him no authority because they are not the people in position of leadership in the society.

[16] This so-called Khilaafah is corrupt and is invalid. The scholars all agree that this so-called Khilaafah is blameworthy

[17] and is a criminal group that has no portion when it comes to being gentle and just with the people.

[18] The acts of violence they carry out do nothing but turn people away from Islām.

[19] They slaughter those who differ with their political agenda - Muslim & non-Muslim.

[20] They do heinous things to the corpses of the victims and put it on YouTube in order to turn people away from the Deen of Islām.

[21] They capture the women and sell them as if they were slaves and kill children and men who are non-combatants.

[22] They go into the streets and aimlessly kill innocent civilians for no reason. Islām is free from this.

[23] When the Prophet sent out a group for Jihaad he would tell the leader to fear Allah & not kill a woman, old person, child or monk.

[24] Islām is beautiful both in its means & end. Its end is to invite people to enter into Islām & the means is to carry it out with gentleness.

[25] Of all the things the Prophet was accused of by the pagans, he was never accused of violence, selling women, killing innocent people

[26] killing the elderly or attacking without first warning the enemies.

[27] He only performed Jihaad as Allah legislated and this is the reason why people entered into Islām.

[28] Only two types of people join ISIS: 1) a spy and 2) the one who is sincere in wanting to spread Islām but he is hard hearted.

[29] When it comes to the actions they perform, they steal people's money and say their money is halaal because they are not Muslims.

[30] Regarding the women they capture, they perform adultery with them because they claim that they are what their right hand possess.

[31] They have gathered the two most dangerous things: desires and doubts.

[32] Desires: stealing money and committing adultery Doubts: making takfeer of the Muslims especially the scholars of Islām.

[33] It is proven that some of those who are in charge are spies who have been sent by the Zionists and CIA.

[34] When we look at the history of this man (Abū Bakr al-Baghdaadi), he went to America and later returned to Syria and was with those

[35] who were fighting against the government. Likewise, if you look on Google you will see clips of him with his beard shaven & wearing pants

[36] and this is free for everyone to see. You will also see inappropriate images of him with women.

[37] He has a dark, shady history and is not fit to be the leader of the Muslims.

[38] It is not permissible for any Muslim living in his country to follow him and likewise those who leave their country to follow him.

[39]When some of the youth heard about this new 'Khilaafah", they got emotional & were too hasty. As soon as they got his word they ran to him.

[40] This is a fault of their part because this man is not equipped to be a leader for the Muslims and is certainly not a scholar of Islām.

[41] The youth should tie themselves to the books & tapes of the scholars such as Sh. Ibn Bāz, Sh. Ibn 'Uthaymīn, Sh. al-Fawzān, Sh.Muqbil

[42] Sh. 'Abdul 'Azīz Aal ash-Shaykh, Sh. al-Albānī - read their books, read their fataawaa and learn the Deen.

[43] And do not be fooled by anyone who stands up and claims to be a new leader of the Ummah.

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