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Topic-icon Jealousy causes stress to the hater

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7 years 1 month ago #2471 by Umm 'Uthmaan Al-Musaafirah
Jealousy causes stress to the hater was created by Umm 'Uthmaan Al-Musaafirah
Shaykh Salih Fawzan said: The envier lives in constant stress because the favors of Allah continue to come to His servants, while the envier doesn't want anyhting good to come to them. He doesn't want for the people to study, he doesn't want for the people to receive the bounties of Allah. He wants the entire world for himself. He doesn't want anyone else to have anything.

And he said: Likewise from the harms of envy is the envier continues to be infuriated and enraged when he sees the bounties and favors descending upon the servants of Allah while he envies them. Thus his heart continues to burn towards them and towards his Lord the Exalted.

To listen to the sermon in its entirety go to:


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