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7 years 1 week ago - 7 years 1 week ago #2482 by Umm Yousuf
'O Ahmaq! Our Speech Is Due To Veneration Of The Shari'ah!'

An excellent admonition against the foolish sympathisers of ISIS given by our noble brother Abū Iyaḍ Amjad Rafiq (hafidhahullah) via a series of tweets posted on Twitter.

See: @AbūIyaḍSP via Twitter.com/AbūIyaḍSP

The Prophetic treatment for the disease of the Kharijites who kill innocents:
"...I would slaughter them like the slaughtering of Aad."

O Ahmaq! Our speech against the Kharijites is due to veneration of the Shar'iah which prohibits the taking of innocent souls, and that includes both Muslim and non-Muslim lives. The Kharijites of ISIS have slaughtered more Muslims than non-Muslims. Your sympathy for these evil dogs shows you do not grasp the fundamentals of Islam, nor do you venerate the Shariah of Muhammad!

O Ahmaq! What has led to the raining of bombs upon these Kharijites, and in turn, collaterally, upon innocent men and women? It is because the whole world, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, know that their slaughter of innocents is not from the Shariah of Islam!
How does most of the world know this - inclusive of Muslims, Ahl al-Kitab, and Mushriks - and ignorant fools like you do not?

O Ahmaq! Did not the Prophet severely reprimand the one who killed a polytheist on the battlefield who had just uttered the kalimah? Then what about these Kharijite dogs of ISIS who slaughter those whose Islam is not even dubious but is known and established?

O Ahmaq! You dislike the statement of the Prophet (ṣallallāhu alayhi wasallam), "I would slaughter them like the slaughtering of Aad" And you detest the Prophetic statement about the Kharijites, "The most evil of the creation (khalq, khaleeqah)." And you detest the Prophetic statement about the Kharijites, "The most evil of those killed beneath the canopy of the sky..."

O Ahmaq! Do you not see that ISIS make takfir of Nusrah and Nusrah make takfir of ISIS and do you not see ISIS severing the heads of al-Nusrah and al-Nusrah severing the heads of ISIS?This utter oblivion and utter blindness to the realities (shar'an and qadaran) is what will eventually lead people like you when you hadd hawaa to all of that, to be from the followers of al-Dajjaal who will appear in the midst of the Kharijite armies; and that's another Prophetic ḥadīth that you and your likes detest!
So leave aside this fake, pretentious concern for "women and children" for you are not more concerned for innocent life than the Prophet (ṣallallāhu alayhi wasallam) whose Shariah prohibits the taking of innocent life and for which you have no respect.

O Ahmaq! Who does not use the faculties of hearing, seeing and feeling in the heart! Name me one Prophet who called to Islam through the severing of heads! Name me one Companion who called to Islam through severing and display of heads as trophies!

O Ahmaq! Who has not grasped the basics of Qadar or the Shar' (legislation)! The heavens and Earth were created upon truth (haqq) and justice (qist, adl); and the Shari'ah is founded upon adl (justice), and from what the Muslims are commanded of this adl is that they do not transgress against those who do not fight them or expel them for their religion.
For what crime are journalists and aid workers beheaded, their bodies and severed heads paraded for the world to see? The entire world - Muslim and non-Muslim alike - can grasp this. Save the Kharijites, because they are foolish-minded.
They have been described as "Dogs" through revelation! Thus, their intellectual capacities are grossly inferior to thinking people.

O Ahmaq! Many great scholars of Islam consider the Kharijites to be apostates, disbelievers, because they make halaal that which Allaah made haraam. This is in addition to the dhaahir (apparentness) of the aḥādīth regarding them. Those ḥadīths explicitly state their departure from Islam, and that they are "the most evil of the creation" and this can only be if they are disbelievers, in the view of those who hold this. Likewise the Prophetic command to kill them and the fact that they will be with Dajjaal, fighting against the people of Islām; all of these texts support this view.

O Ahmaq! How can you and your likes venerate Muslim life when the Kharijite dogs you defend blindly consider every Muslim who does not agree with their belief (of takfir of rulers, governments and societies) and does not ally with them to be an apostate whose blood is permissible to shed?! How is that veneration of life! It is on this very basis that Imām Ibn Baz considers the Kharijite Terrorists to be disbelievers, because of their takfir and killing of Muslims.
So you and your likes are plagued with a disease like rabies which infects dogs. It is a dangerous disease which affects those with diseased minds, souls and hearts, and from its causes are severe ignorance of Islam and its rulings.

It is no surprise then that the Prophet commended the killing of the Kharijites (behind the rulers) and he promised a great reward for the one who killed them. And perhaps the wisdom in this is so that their rabies-like disease is quarantined and eliminated to provide relief for the Muslims at large from their evil which surpasses that of others. And from the greatest of evidences that anyone who defends ISIS is utterly lost in mind, heart and soul is that all the Extremist Kharijite Takfiris from the 1990s whose extremist ideas were food for the ISIS Kharijites; all of them consider ISIS to be Kharijites....(!!!) Abū Qataadah, Abū Baseer Mustafa Haleemah, Sulaymān Ulwaan, Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisi...Every vile Kharijite from the 1990s who observes the barbarity created by their takfiri ideologies is now trying to wash his filthy, dirty hands from the activities of ISIS (!)

O Ahmaq! In that is a lesson (ibrah) for your brain cell. You have no replies to any of this, except mutashaabihaat.
Know that the non-Muslims did not invade Afghanistan except because of the Khawaarij. They did not invade Iraq except because of the Khawaarij. So do not try to excuse the Khawaarij when they are the cause of the very tribulations you protest.
The Kharijite ideology led to the slaughter of more than 100,000 in Algeria. They are at it again in Syria/Iraq. In Libya, they are causing chaos, mercenary, Takfiri, Kharijite groups, fighting each other for power. All of these tribulations are because of the Kharijites whose methodology is takfir and khurooj (revolts, revolutions).

The activities of the Kharijites provide the pretexts for outside interference, this is why the great Imāms of the Sunnah such as Ibn Taymiyyah spoke of the harm of the Kharijites upon Muslims to be greater than that of non-Muslim aggressors.
When the Prophet (ṣallallāhu alayhi wasallam) says, "I would slaughter them like the slaughtering of Aad" and "the most evil of creation..." don't come back with falsafah (philosophy) and rhetoric, "What about non-Muslim terrorism etc..."

When Abū Saeed al-Khudree (ra) said that killing the Kharijites is before fighting against the (non-Muslim) Turks, don't come back with falsafah (philosophy) and rhetoric. Submit to revelation and abandon your hawaa. When these evil ISIS dogs are saying today, "We will chop the head of al-Fawzān" and "We will liberate Makkah and Madinah..." Don't bring your falsafah and rhetoric about non-Muslim aggression and terrorism; because your Prophet told you about these evil Kharijites that "They kill the people of Islam and leave the idol-worshippers..."

The evil of the Kharijites would be readily apparent to all Muslims had it not been for their sympathizers who adduce arguments for their defence or who try to deflect the issues, thinking that if you speak about the Kharijites in light of the Shariah you are bound, in the same breath, to speak about non-Muslims and their aggressions against Muslims and their lands; the injustice of which is known to all people of sound mind, and which none are deceived by.
Thus the saying of Ibn Taymiyyah and those before him that the Kharijites are more harmful to Muslims, more so than others; more harmful to the Muslims, and none more harmful than them, not even the Jews and Christians... (Minhaaj al-Sunnah 5/248)
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