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7 years 2 weeks ago - 5 years 7 months ago #2487 by UmmSafura
Ruling On Women Visiting Graves was created by UmmSafura
Shaykh Ṣāliḥ b. al-Fawzān | Ruling on Women Visiting Graves - 05.07.1435

(Translation and information provided by Abū ʿAbdullāh Ḥamza Khān
via West London Dawah Yahoo Groups)

(Attachment of audio can be found at the bottom of the post).

What is the reason why the scholars differed in regards to women visiting the graves?

Shaykh Ṣāliḥ b. al-Fawzān:
The difference isn't one which is to be considered as a difference.
And the correct statement is that it is impermissible for them to visit the graves due to the statement of the Messenger
صلى الله عليه و سلم

«لعن الله زوارات القبور»

"Allāh curses the women who visit the graves"

Or in another narration

«لعن الله زائرات القبور»

These narrations points to the fact that visiting the graves is from the major sins because Allāh curses those who do it and a curse isn't connected with any action unless it is major. And there is no proof that goes against these Ḥadīth's which has the same level of authenticity/strength.

End of translation

And Allāh knows best,

On another occasion he (the Shaykh) also said:

"But there is no harm if a Muslim woman was to seek forgiveness for the deceased or make supplications to Allāh for them or to give sadaqah on their behalf."

Hamzah Khan Abū Abdullah.

End quote.

Shurayh an-Nakha'i said: My wife died before me. I wish she could take from my life or that we died together. I have seen how men hit their wives. May my hand be paralysed if my hand hits Zaynab. |al-Ahkam 1/462|
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