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6 years 9 months ago #2543 by Wafa Assalafiyyah
Advice to those Going to Study by Moosa Richardson was created by Wafa Assalafiyyah
Transcribed section from: "Advice to those Going to Study in the Islamic University of Madinah" by Moosa Richardson
Transcribed by Wafa Bint Houssam

"Sixth point:

That you leave alone matters that don't benefit you, because the Messenger – صلى الله عليه و سلم – said:

“From a persons good practise of Islam, is that he leave alone matters that don't concern him”

The opposite of that is: From the good Islam of a person is his obsession or his concern, his devout concern with the things that concern him. That are related to him directly, connected to him.

So, this hadith is so undervalued with the Muslims today, with the Muslims who busy themselves with every issue, except what is in front of them, what they can benefit themselves with truly, matters beyond their control; conspiracy theories, world domination theories, masonic theories about who's behind this and who's behind that.

Things beyond their ability to control or have any influence on and the things that are within their ability to change, they're leaving it; sinful practises, disobedience to Allah, a person is fully capable of repenting yet he doesn't repent from those things. Yet he busies himself with what is way beyond his scope.

And our scholars of old, they recognised this ḥadīth as being so central to a persons religion. Some of the scholars said, that this ḥadīth alone;

“From a persons good practise of Islam, is that he leave alone matters that don't concern him”

Some of the scholars said, that this ḥadīth is the third of all knowledge, one-third of all knowledge. Being able to sort out what benefits you and what doesn't benefit you, attaching yourself to what benefits you, and discarding and ignoring and stay away from the matters that don't benefit you.

Allahu Akbar, ṭayyib, Abū Dāwūd, the great īmām, he said it is one of four ḥadīth that Islam revolves around. That this ḥadīth is one of four ḥadīth that Islam revolves around, sūbhānAllah.
And so he mentions (the ḥadīth) that we've already discussed here;

'Actions are but by there intentions'

He mentions, 'that the halal is clear, the haraam is clear'. The ḥadīth of N'imān Ibn Bashir, and then he mentions the ḥadīth

'Whoever does a deed in this affair of ours which is not from it, he will have it rejected'.

(Showing) the importance of following the sunnah and not innovating, and this ḥadīth, the (one of the) four ḥadīth that īmām Abū Dāwūd said 'Islam revolves around these four ḥadīth and he said, “it is sufficient for a man that he learns these four ḥadīth for his religion”.

Allahu Akbar, ṭayyib, so is this ḥadīth undervalued? Absolutely. For students of knowledge more than anyone else. For students of knowledge you find him on twitter, for students of knowledge you find him on message board, for students of knowledge, he has access to the 'Ulema, the time of a lesson, of a scholar, you find him on WhatsApp chatting in a group, you find him on social media; Facebook, things like this. You find him trying to build and develop a website, while his job in that land is to be a student of knowledge.

He can build, develop a website any time but he only has a few precious years maybe, he only has some moments that Allah has written for him to study in this land; the land of tawḥid, the land of the scholars. They are limited, right. And he is a guest in that country, he is not a resident, so he is not free to stay there however long he likes, right, no matter how hard he tries, he will find out the time comes and the welcome runs out, and the visa has an ending point.

So he will find out that his days are limited, as his stay in that place and so, of course, every student will say at the end of that time,

“I wish I hadn't build that website, I wish I hadn't started a newsletter, I wish I hadn't began a YouTube channel or whatever the young guys are doing with the social media...”
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