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6 years 6 months ago - 6 years 6 months ago #2644 by UmmSafura
Is Videography Exempted From The Ruling On Photography?

Explanation by Mūsa Richardson (May Allāh preserve him),
based on Al-Mulakh-khas by Shaykh Ṣaliḥ al-Fawzān (May Allāh preserve him), Class no. 54

Transcribed by:

Umm Safurā b. As-Sa’adīyyah

Transcribers Note:
The first half of the audio our noble brother gives evidences and explains the grave sin of image making. The transcription (second half) are more details on photography and videography and the questions posed by the brothers and sisters answered by him. Please note no names have been transcribed from the audio just the questions and answers given by our brother Abūl-'Abbās Mūsa Richardson, may Allāh protect him. The link to the classes and source of audio for the transcription can be found at the end of the transcription.
Transcription available as PDF exclusively for TROID

Excerpts from transcription:

"I’d like you to think about what would the case be if the reality with Allāh is that the image made with the camera is truly capturing that which Allāh made and is not creating a new image, if you stayed away from it what will be upon you on yawm al-Qiyāmah? If you were just fearful and you were afraid that it might fall into the generality of the prohibition and you stayed away from the camera and making images with it of living beings. What will be upon you on yawm al-Qiyāmah? What crime will you have to face? Nothing, because you didn’t make any pictures. And pictures turned out to be with a camera permissible and Allāh ta’āla knows the reality."

"The ḥalāl is clear, the ḥarām is clear and between the ḥalāl and ḥarām there are grey areas, matters that are confusing and not many people know the correct position in them. “Whoever stays safe from those grey matters those affairs of differing that the people don’t seem to know about clearly then he has protected himself, his honour and his religion. And those people who fall into the Shubuhāt (doubts) they fall into the grey areas between the ḥalāl and ḥarām where the people are confused they will fall into the ḥarām!"

"And just like the shepherd that allows his sheep to graze around a boundary that he has not allowed to cross, so long has he keeps letting his sheep go right up to the boundary the gate, right on the border sooner or later some of those sheep are going to jump over. And for every king he has boundaries (he has limits) he has posts in the land that you are not allowed to cross and those boundaries for Allāh are His prohibitions!”

"And as I have mentioned this issue I would also like you to think more deeply on this issue, remember the camera that a person uses a camera to make dozens or hundreds of pictures in a short amount of time and that a spirit shall be made for each image he made through it which he shall be punished additionally in the Hellfire as the ḥadīth we have studied today has proven. I would like you to think about something else to compare and that is the very definition of VIDEOGRAPHY."
The true definition of video, videography (various definitions):
  1. Videography refers to the process of capturing of moving images on electronic media, video tape, etc.
  2. Moving pictures.

  3. "Look at the picture on the screen that’s called film, the film of a video, no matter what you use whether you’re using this old fashioned projector film or modern digital videography. You are capturing still frame after still frame! That’s why you have something in the video called frame forward and frame backward. The picture is not moving, the pictures are still images and they are played in rapid succession."
"Thirty (pictures) per second on average! It may be sixty per second are flashed in front of the human eye in rapid succession, one after the other that creates the illusion of movement. It is very similar to the old fashioned way of drawing a picture in the corner of a drawing book, and you flip the pages and it looks there is a moving image."

"Videography to this day with all of the advances and all of the new equipment it is still photography that moves the images one by one. Are you clear on that? Video contains frames no matter whether you say it’s digital video or it is an old fashioned video camera on film and all of that and every video has frames. Every one of those frames is an image, is a still image, captured that did not exist until the picture maker took it."

"That image did not exist on that digital film that plastic film or traditional film until the picture maker until the cameraman took that image. That image has been created, that image has been produced and it did not exist before he made it, every one of those. So imagine, let’s say a generous sixty pictures per second when you make a video of one minute sixty seconds times sixty is 3,600 images! 3,600 images in one minute of videography."

Is it okay to draw, take pictures of flowers, natural scenery, mountains, etc. Does this fall under the prohibition of making pictures, also the use of smileys in text messages, emails, is this allowed? BārakaAllāhu fīk.


To deface a picture sufficient to deface the eyes or should we deface the whole face? For example, pictures in children’s book.

Is it permissible to use the various smiley faces, does the prohibition also apply to partial images of human beings such as a hand and eye. Also are silhouette of humans and animals allowed?

Is it permissible for a woman to get an ultrasound of the baby? That’s the image of the shape of the baby’s body.

What do you advise one to do if his parents have childhood pictures, etc. which they refuse to get rid of which they forbid you to destroy, should we destroy them anyway? Although the outcome and their reactions maybe very harsh or should we leave the sin to them?

These are just excerpts from the lecture, the questions are answered in the PDF and more information regarding videography is explained as well as other fawā'id.


File Attachment:

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