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5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #2790 by UmmSafura
The Assumed Pharaoh Mummy Miracle was created by UmmSafura
Maurice Bucaille and the Assumed Pharaoh Mummy Miracle

Tafsīr of Sūrah al-Qāf by Shaykh Muḥammad b. Ṣaliḥ al-ʿUthaymīn (may Allāh have mercy on him):
Taught by Mūsá Richardson (may Allāh preserve him), transcribed by Umm Ṣafūrā. | تفسير سورة ق للعلامة محمد بن صالح العثيمين

However Allāhu Taʿāla said:

On this day regarding Firʿawn Allāh said, “We’re going to preserve you or bring your body to salvation…” Meaning we’re going to save your body so that you could be a sign for those after you.

Listen to the correct Tafsīr of the verse; not the fake modern Tafsīr of the verse, pay attention. You’ve heard this verse mentioned in light of modern findings, right? That, Maurice Bucaille claims to have been researching on one of those Mummies of Egypt, he was told that this is the Pharaoh of the story of Mūsá, and Maurice Bucaille scientist said he found the positive salt in the throat area which means he died of drowning in salt water.

And so, he says in his story of how he accepted Islām that this is what led him to accept Islām, we say watch out for this premature affirmation of a miracle, before the rug is pulled out from under you and you say I have come to Islām because of this and then someone says, actually, after investigation we cannot actually conclude that with any type of certainty.

The reality is, the body of Firʿawn today is not known which of the bodies of these mummies is the Firʿawn or which body that’s been preserved or not preserved or whatever is the one of the Firʿawn; the Pharaoh of the time of Mūsá. We don’t know that. We don’t have knowledge of that; we don’t have any certainty in that. So as to build anything legitimate on top of that, yet people swear it’s true and people love to mention it like this fantastic miracle.

Yet, scientists will say that it’s just a doubtful matter, that it’s something that may or may not be true and we don’t want to say something is scientific miracle proven by the Qurʾān and then it’s actually not found or it’s not found to be true as you think it is.

So the Shaykh says, “We save you through your body – We have preserved your body.”

The soul split away from the body.
Meaning, the death occurred, his death occurred. However, his body remained floating on the water.

Right, what’s the benefit of that?

Allāh clarified why that was done, the reason behind that.

“So that you would be a sign for those after you.”

Here's the reason, because the children of Israel, Firʿawn had terrorised them.

Had it not been clear with visual proof that Pharaoh himself had truly died in that event, had that not taken place for them to give them surety – imagine the tyrant that everyone is afraid of and it’s just said that “he died” and no one saw the body, versus “we saw the body floating on the water, we saw him dead” – this is the reassurance that Banī Isrāʾīl needed at that time to rest assure that what? They’re free of Pharaoh now.

So he (the Shaykh) says: without this, then they would have feared, they would have thought about different matters, that what if he didn’t die and what if he is still alive and what if he is still coming for us, every type of conjecture could have still come to them had they not witnessed his body, dead, on the surface of the water.

They could say, perhaps he didn’t die, perhaps he’s going to come at us from a different angle, so He gave them cooling to their eyes, He gave them relaxation. They would witness; be eye witnesses to his body:

“So as to be a sign for those after you.”

And Allāhu Taʿāla knows best.


Shurayh an-Nakha'i said: My wife died before me. I wish she could take from my life or that we died together. I have seen how men hit their wives. May my hand be paralysed if my hand hits Zaynab. |al-Ahkam 1/462|
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