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8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #2310 by Abu Rumaysa
Replied by Abu Rumaysa on topic Muslim Inmate Assistance Programme
Al-hamdulillaah. The month of Ramadaan has brought blessings on top of blessings and one cannot overlook the tremendous support that brothers and sisters world wide have given in their donations, du'aa and kind words for the Inmate Assistance Program (IAP). By Allah's Mercy, we have been able to raise over $2000 after the 'Yearly Review' was published. We thank Allaah and ask that He raises this program and supports it. After Allaah, we thank all those who supported us, whether through financial or other means. We have been able to purchase many packages, and are looking towards building the IAP bigger and better by being able to address other issues to support our brothers who are incarcerated. As the IAP continues to grow (reaching almost 200 correspondents), there are many ideas that we are hoping to discuss and possibly coordinate by Allah's Will. Packages have been flying out of the TROID Workshop, and brothers in prison are very pleased and at times overwhelmed by Allah's mercy, and by the help of those outside to assist in delivering the da'wah to incarcerated Muslims.

The amount of letters increases daily, and the IAP, with Allaah's Aid, has become a staple in providing da'wah to inmates far and wide. Brothers have written stating that they have spent much time writing institutions, Islamic centres, masaajid to no avail, even in their home towns. TROID IAP has been able to sent out material that has assisted those in reinforcing their Aqīdah and Manhaj, bringing people into the ranks of Ahl al-Sunnah from the groups of deviation, and has assisted in bringing non-Muslims to taking the Shahaadah from Da'watus-Salafiyyah that we are able to provide by Allah's Grace and Mercy. Be a part of this incredible program, whose rewards are only known to Allah and to what multiple. The materials that we are sending are aiding and preserving brothers, those who they give da'wah to, who accept Islām, who teach their families, who become generations of Muslims, and guidance is from Allaah only. Who knows what that $5, $1, anything you are able to afford will be worth when you are in front of Allah on a day your deeds will be rolled out and weighed. Be a part of this program and most importantly, make Du'aa that Allah continue to facilitate and direct it to goodness.

Some recent quotes from inmates.

1) "The Inmate Assistance Program is a wonderful program, and if i could help to fund the program I would."

2) "The Inmate Assistance program not only helps the incarcerated Muslim to obtain knowledge, it helps him or her to deal or to become acquainted with the outside world of Muslims."

3) "I would like to say first, from the bottom of my heart, i am saying thank you for helping us at SCI Houtzdale, for aiding us here with knowledge."

4) "I have heard nothing but good news about you all from brothers in this facility. I was hoping that you would send me some material so that I could better educate myself on the Deen, InshaaAllah."

5) "I love this Deen and I wouldnt trade it in for anything in the World. I really appreciate you taking time out to help a brother in this situation, and that means a lot to a brother."

6) "I've written others to ask for help and guidance with any material that can benefit us here and help us in our struggles to be better Muslims, to lead our families and all to seek the pleasure and Face of Allah!"

7) "Your publications have been of much benefit to me and the Ummah, in shaa Allah. I am trying to adhere to the Da'wah as much as I'm able to, especially being in this sijjin it can be difficult at times. In shaa Allah, I am using this time as a benefit by studying and learning our beautiful Deen. Please make Du'aa for me as I ask Allah to continue to guide us , keep us firm and patient with adherence to da'watus Salafiyyah."

Alhumdulillah, the need in the prisons for Da'watus-Salafiyyah is quite serious. Inmates are being indoctrinated by She'ee and Soofee publications and materials. These are the two more predominant groups that spend money to spread their filthy da'wah to unsuspecting Muslims who are just striving to learn their religion. There are some institutions where we only have 1 inmate writing to us, and other institutions, such as Bennettsville in South Carolina, that have over 30 inmates writing and growing.

Lets make the intention to purify our wealth that Allah has provided us, by aiding this program and spreading the correct understanding of this Deen to rid these prisons from tainted and misguided materials. increasing the amount of sincere worshipers, In shaa' Allaah. Donate and continue to donate, we have still to reach our annual goal of $10,000. but we are not far off the mark. Do not allow this program to disappear because we do not pay mind or attention to it, make du'aa, assist when and where you can. The rewards are vast. May Allah continue to aid this program and raise in ranks and purify the wealth of those who donate and assist from their time.

What's needed:
We need to establish a budget of $10,000 per year (approx $830 a month) to provide the aforementioned needs. For those who would like to assist:

Paypal (Worldwide): send to info -@- troid.ca (mention Inmate Assistance Programme in the subject)

Cheque (Worldwide): payable to "The Reign of Islamic Da'wah"

Muslim Inmate Assistance Programme
874-A Weston Rd.
Toronto, ON. Canada
M6N 3R6

Bank Deposit (Canada): Visit any BMO Bank of Montreal and deposit to:
(Transit) 04312 (Account) 1030563
Mark "Muslim Inmate Assistance Programme"

Jazakumallaahu Khayran

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7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #2339 by Abu Rumaysa
Replied by Abu Rumaysa on topic Muslim Inmate Assistance Programme
The Inmate Assistance Programme has been increasing in the number of inmates, and we have a steady stream of letters coming in weekly, and by Allah's Mercy he has guided the Salafī community to give generously to this great cause. We have recently been able to purchase 35 packages, which are pretty much all spoken for as the number of inmates writing us outnumber the amount of packages we are able to send out. We do continue to print out material and answer questions that we send to some students of knowledge to address, and provide a connection to our brothers who are incarcerated. From that, the brothers who are being tested in the prison system of the kuffar are appreciative and sending their du'aa to the volunteers at TROID as well as all those who have supported this project. They have inquired on what they can do themselves to help push forward this project, we have inmates sending us checks of small, but significant amounts, people sending us stamps so that we can mail more packages and letters to other inmates, these are the donations of those incarcerated !! Who know first hand the importance of getting knowledge out to the inmate population about Al-Deenul Haqq. Continuous letters of support and spreading the word among inmates has given way to many more letters coming from the same institutions, as well as expanding into other states, such as California and now Louisiana. We have also seen more requests from individuals here in Canada, whereas of late, we have limited requests from local Muslims (Majority are not Salafī). We ask Allah to continue to increase this Da'wah!!

We have also been receiving letters from the female population of inmates in America. We support our Sisters the same way that we support the Brothers, by sending books, answering questions, as well as providing other authentic materials. There are some things that we are not prepared for in terms of sister requests, such as requests for Ḥijāb. As the amount of sisters who write to us increases, we will look more into how we can address sister's needs in general, In shaa' Allaah. Suggestions are always welcome. Not many letters have come in, but we see this as a great benefit, reaching all of our incarcerated brothers and sisters. Allah keep them safe!

May Allah (Subhānahu wa ta 'aala) multiply the good deeds of all our brothers and sisters who have donated to this project, which continues to need support and depends on Allah firstly, and the generosity of the Muslims secondly. We continue to have inadequate supply. We have also opened the floor to our local brothers and sisters who would like to donate books to the project that we can send out to inmates as well. The books must be known and authentic, as well as in decent condition, with no damage to the text of the book. There are many ways to gain rewards through this project, but most importantly, we ask for du'aa for all the Muslims who are struggling and being tested in prison, and that this project continue to increase in goodness and ability.
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