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10 years 11 months ago #1278 by dksadiq
"Tawḥīd-04 ChallengeME" - Answers to Questions

Explain the three basic categories of reports of the Jews and Christians about significant religious matters, and how we interact with each of them. Also, how does this relate to an unauthentic ḥadīth like the one narrated by Darraaj Abū As-Samh about Mūsá asking Allaah for something special to use as thikr.

Remember you only have 5 minutes to answer, and your remaining time is up in the top right-hand corner of your screen. May Allaah grant you success!


1) Those reports which are supported by the Qur'aan & Authentic Sunnah - we accept them.
2) Those reports which are rejected and are against the Qur'aan & the Authentic Sunnah - we reject them.
3) Those reports which are neither confirmed nor denied by the Qur'aan & the Sunnah - we don't reject them nor do we affirm them. And when we relate them we say, "The Jews say ..." or "The Christians say ...".

Similarly, as in case 3, for the inauthentic aḥadīth which are neither in contradiction or supported by the Qur'aan & Sunnah, we treat them like the 3rd case - we don't reject them nor do we affirm them. And they have more right to be [treated] so since they are related by Muslims not Kuffaar.

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