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10 years 10 months ago - 10 years 10 months ago #1331 by moosaa.richardson
1 Answer + 3 Warnings for a Question About Zakaat was created by moosaa.richardson
In Class #8, someone entered a question into the chat window, asking:

Assalamualaikum, I run a dairy farm, I have 14 mature cows, 14 calves under 2years age, and 5 calves under 1 month age. Age of my farm is close to 1.5yrs. Do I have to give Zakat, if yes then how much or in which manner? Barak Allahutala Feekum

Wa alaykumus-salām wa rahmatullaah.

This was one of the questions not posed to the speaker in that session.

It is likely a test question in the form of a fiqh riddle, and not a genuine question.

The nisaab, or the lowest amount that obliges the payment of zakaat on cows is 30 cows, no matter what the age of those cows. Then beyond 30, a 1-2 year old calf is paid in zakaat, unless there are more than 40 cows, then an older cow is given as zakaat.

Based on this, the answer is: No zakaat is due on these cows now.

That is because 6 months ago (roughly), when the farm became one year old, the zakaat was due. And the number of cows was 28 at that time, the last 5 not having been born yet. And 28 is just shy of the nisaab, and thus no zakaat was due on those cows. And the second year of the farm has not finished, so we do not consider the current number of cows at this time.

If this was a test question, meaning someone wanted to check my understanding, then there is no harm in that at all. It was the way of the Salaf to test people's understanding, especially if there is a need, like someone is teaching the people and those more knowledgable than him want to be sure he is properly qualified. So ahlan wa sahlan to someone more knowledgeable than me checking my level of understanding, I hope I have passed. (Testing is legislated to be administered from the more knowledgeable one to the less knowledgeable one.)

If that is the case, the one more knowledgeable would acknowledge the correct answer from the student, or teach him how he erred. So a response is most welcome.

The Three Warnings:

1. If you do not have 14 mature cows, 14 calves, and 5 newborn cows in a 1.5 year old (roughly) farm, then you have lied. This indicates that the questioner may not be in a positon to test the knowledge of others. The proper way to present a scenario for testing or review between students is "If a man had..." or "If I have a farm with..." This "if" clause frees you from any form of something close to lying.

2. If your testing is only to hunt for mistakes, and you do not want to acknowledge a correct answer, then identify that within yourself, and work on whatever problems you have with your relationship with Allaah that have lead you into this bad trait. (in shaa' Allaah this is not the case)

3. If you really are a dairy farmer seeking knowledge, then please, please excuse me for everything said up to this point. None of that applies to you. There is no zakaat on your cows now, but be warned about being neglectful in your religion by not learning about issues of zakaat on the farm you own. You are required to have knowledge about the kinds of transactions that you engage in, and the rulings related to the obligatory zakaat due on them. May Allaah bless you and your farm, and increase you in vigilance.

And Allaah knows best.
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