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10 years 9 months ago #1483 by Sajid.Bin.Rafeeq

Also, just some clarity about Youtube, it is a public media-share website. We are publishing content there since millions of people including Muslims browse Youtube and we hope it is source of benefit for them. We do not recommend that Muslims use content-sharing websites as a source for seeking knowledge. The reasons are plentiful; one may find much truth mixed with falsehood, become curious about the arguments of ahlul-hawaa and view their content, enter into much argumentation or even simply search for something good and end up with trials that shake one's heart. So if you want to view the slide-show with audio, you may do so on this page, be careful of distributing youtube links and making youtube your ref. point for Islamic knowledge. Better you to stick to Salafī websites instead.

That is good point akhee. Indeed there are alot of ahlul-bid`ah in YouTube and attackers of the Salafī da`wah. There are some good channels also, including the beneficial Troid channel, and I want to mention few so others may benefit from their slideshows and audios: www.youtube.com/easyonetwothree/ www.youtube.com/SalafiJustice/ www.youtube.com/Abdullah122/

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